The BEST NJ Health and Wellness Event

The BEST NJ Health and Wellness Event
I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.
Written by Susan Vernicek

You can’t out train a bad diet.

“Feel better naked is the ultimate goal”
Best Statement Ever at the Live Zo Healthy Event

At the end of 2018, I attended the most put together health and wellness event ever. Talk about setting us all up for a Zo Healthy New Year, Founder of Live Zo Healthy, Audrey Zona delivered inspiration, love, and value on so many levels.  

Audrey Zona is an Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach specializing in the psychology of eating. She trained with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, the world’s leading school in Nutritional Psychology.

Audrey believes that outer beauty is a reflection of inner health and champions all things beauty, health and wellness related. A lifelong advocate of clean eating, Audrey mentors her clients to make empowered food choices and transform their nutritional habits.

I’ve been in business for over a decade and have attended various events, and I’m tellin’ ya this is one of my favorites–and the great news….Audrey hosts this event every year in Bergen County, NJ.

The beautiful day was held at Indian Trail Club with Guest Speaker Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Dr. Jennifer Ashton is the country’s leading voice of Women’s Health, as the only Board-certified Ob-Gyn with a national media platform. She is committed to improving the lives of girls and women through increasing health literacy and busting myths that have been propagated via folklore with little medical or scientific basis.

As a mom, Dr. Ashton not only ‘talks the talk’ but ‘walks the walk’, proving that commitment to good nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress reduction are the cornerstones to health and wellness. With her MD, and credentials in Nutrition, along with her accomplishments as a triathlete and fitness enthusiast, Dr. Ashton is as comfortable discussing the latest workout or diet trend, as she is counseling on cancer screening or reproductive health issues facing women.  You may also know her very well from the #1 morning show, Good Morning America.

Being into health myself, I thoroughly enjoyed that every snack, drink and lunch that was offered through vendors or for the provided lunch–was well thought out and healthy for all.  You didn’t have to worry about making any bad choices, LOL.

Here are just a few KEY statements during the conversations with the speakers:

Feel better naked is our ultimate goal, right?  

This was brought up and the room of 200 women all nodded with a giggle.  But, it’s so true, our health goals are for each and every one of us to feel GREAT in our very own skin, especially naked. So get to that for 2019, (wink)

Control the negative in every aspect of life.

Yes, please.  This is always refreshing to hear and of course Audrey and Dr. Jennifer Ashton would preach this as such positive forces. You have control over how your feel, react, live and choices. Life isn’t always perfect and positive, but you can learn to manage so that you can continue to be your best self.

Tone is cool.  

Both Audrey and Dr. Jennifer Ashton know how to keep up with the trends and shared how important strength is for our health. Work to remove unhealthy body fat and replace with muscle day after day. Remember it’s a journey! If you’re local to the Bergen County area, you may want to visit Cliff Randall and Yusuf Myers at PRX for some tips.  

Fact. Alcohol increases the risk of cancer.

Consuming alcohol was a big question in the room because who doesn’t love a solid glass of red?  However, Dr. Jennifer Ashton reminded us that everything in moderation is fine, but always know that alcohol increases the risk of cancer.  

Sipping Tequila.

Yes, this was a huge hit. Learning the mindset behind choosing to sip a cleaner, less sugar-filled, liquor. If you ordered a high end Tequila, you’d sip it, right?

MOST of us wouldn’t chug it, therefore this provides you the opportunity to savor a great drink while socializing and not over consuming like the mixed drinks or wine.  We all know they can go down pretty quick. And of course, always remember to drink responsibly.

Can’t out train a bad diet.

I’ve heard this many times, have you?  It’s never a wasted statement to hear over and over again.  You can’t out train a bad diet. So stop thinking that you can eat all that ice cream because you just ran for 30 minutes.

If you don’t invest in yourself, everything will spiral out of control – Dr Jennifer Ashton

Loved this quote as well.  

Both Audrey and Dr. Ashton agreed that when you don’t invest in your health–mind, body, soul—yearly check-ups, etc… you can easily spiral out of control and break down.  Stay in the game and on top of your health–so that you can live the best life and feel your best.

Audrey thought of it all–vendors were hand-picked and each of them truly amazing and her swag bag–LOADED with nutritious brands.  I think the most unique item was as we were leaving we were instructed to take a container of lettuce–how cool? Especially during the time of no romaine lettuce. Ha!  But no really, I loved that touch and the lettuce was DELICIOUS AND FRESH.

The only issue I had with event is that the day had to end.  All of the women were mingling, laughing, learning and truly enjoying a day of health.   

I’m really looking forward to supporting this event this year and I sure hope to meet you there!

You can also find deals and a free assessment from Audrey with our Deals4You program–women supporting women through services and products.

Have a Zo Healthy Year
Some photos from the event
A few of the Zo Healthy Vendors

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I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.

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