Why Your Smiles Impacts Your Confidence

Why Our Smiles have a Substantial Effect on our Confidence
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We’ve all heard the rumor. By simply smiling, we can trick the brain into feeling happy. Although creating happiness isn’t always that simple, it’s true that the facial muscles we use to smile send endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin to the brain.

These hormones trick us into feeling happy, relaxed and also reduce our heart rate. That’s how powerful a single smile is!

When we don’t feel able to use our smiles as much as we’d like, our confidence can be seriously affected. Here’s why our smile is important and how smiling more will improve your confidence.

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A smile symbolises confidence

The key to being confident is acting confident. When you portray this sense of faith in yourself, others will feel the same confidence in you too. When we smile, it tells the people around us we are happy and confident in whatever we are doing. This works in job interviews, when meeting new people and in everyday life.

In fact, a 2005 study conducted by Penn State University found that smiling at work made employees more favored by their bosses. Although the evidence couldn’t be used to prove that this favor could get you promoted, the study hinted that a smile would help employees climb the corporate ladder.

What happens when we don’t smile?

If smiling has such a positive impact on the way that other people view us; what impact does not smiling have?

A smile is so ingrained in human nature, it is the first facial expression we make as babies. Chances are, if you rarely smile, you have regularly been told to ‘cheer up’ or have been asked if something is wrong. This may seem obvious, but when we don’t smile; we look unhappy.

The negative connotations of a resting sad face don’t end with unhappiness, though. When we don’t smile, we don’t appear confident, we don’t appear approachable and we certainly don’t make a good first impression meeting new people.  

If your smile is holding you back, it might be time to visit your dentist to look at practical ways you can improve the confidence you have in your smile.

What makes the perfect smile?

You don’t need ‘perfect’ teeth to have confidence in your smile. Often, one simple change can make a significant difference in how your mouth looks. Take a look at your teeth and think about how they could be improved.

It is likely you’ll find stain removal, whitening, crowns or alignment will make a huge difference. Surrounding text: Don’t wait any longer and book an appointment to polish your teeth with the dentists in chattanooga.

Oral health isn’t all about the physical side of health; it’s about our mental health too. Our smiles have a significant impact on everyday life. Make a concentrated effort to smile more and reap the benefits every time you leave the house.

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