Tech Tricks You Never Knew You Needed

Tech Tricks You Never Knew You Needed
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Written by Eliza Picot

Think about all the ways that technology has improved our lives over the last decade. It’s tough to imagine how modern technology and so many tech tricks could boost the ease and pace of our lives more than it already does.

But it can.  There  might be a few simple tech tricks you don’t know about that could  drasticallyimprove your workflow and the functionality of your tech.  

Whether you’re browsing the web, or doing work on your computer, or trying to be more mobile-savvy, here are some great tech tricks that you never knew you needed.

Tech Tricks

Use Windows 10 Snap Assist

If you have the Windows 10 operating system, you might enjoy the Snap Assist feature when have multiple windows open. Snap Assist will automatically position the windows to occupy halves or quarters of your computer display. No more manually dragging the corners of the windows to re-size them.

All you’ve got to do to use Snap Assist is drag the window to the far right of the screen. Snap Assist will re-size it and give you the option to readjust the position of the other windows, as well.

Use Dual Monitors

If you think your computer display is too small, use a dual monitor setup and double the size of your computer interface. There are plenty of benefits to having dual monitors, especially if you regularly have multiple windows open.

With two monitors, you’re able to view all of your windows simultaneously without having to minimize one and maximize the other.  This’ll help you  boost your productivity.

Setting up dual monitors is far easier than you think. All you need is a second monitor and a video cable that’s compatible with your computer (HDMI, VGA, etc.). Most computers are smart enough to immediately recognize the second monitor and will automatically expand the interface for you.

Here’s the best part: you can use a TV as your second monitor. Read how to connect a laptop to a TV for more details.

Computer Voice Commands

Many modern laptops come with voice command features. Voice command enables you to direct your computer to perform tasks simply by using your voice. Windows 10 uses Cortana to perform voice commands, while Macs use a program called Dictation.

Explore either of these voice command systems and see what kinds of things you can control just by talking to your computer.

Have Fun During an Internet Outage

The Google Chrome Operating System has a fun feature that you can access if your Internet temporarily loses connection. When you receive the “Webpage is not available” error,  press the “Space Bar” or “Up Arrow” to automatically begin an arcade game.

The arcade game is a side-scroller where you control a T-Rex, and you have to leap over cactus and prehistoric birds.  It alleviates some of the frustration that you may have when your Internet goes down.

Create a Wi-Fi hotspot

A Wi-Fi hotspot can be incredibly useful when you’re travelling, especially if you have a laptop that you want to connect to the Internet. Typically, you’d have to find a public Wi-Fi network for your laptop, but this might be difficult to find in some areas (not to mention the fact that public networks are relatively unsafe. This is where a Wi-Fi hotspot comes in handy. You’ll need one to become a true digital nomad.

To create a hotspot, you’ve only got to have a cell phone with Wi-Fi roaming. Roaming allows your smartphone to connect to the Internet wherever you go.

When you create a Wi-Fi hotspot via your cell phone, you’re basically creating an Internet connection that’s run through your phone’s Internet connection.

You can create a custom password so that only you or your friends can connect to it. It’s a fast and easy way to share your smartphone’s Internet with your other devices that don’t have roaming.

Learn how to setup a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life

It’s easier than you think to boost your cell phone’s battery life. All you’ve got to do is lower the brightness of the screen. Your display drains a huge amount of battery  life from your phone, and most people keep their display at a consistently high brightness all day long. Just turn it down!

It’s better for your eyes, anyway–digital screens are bad for your eyes when you stare at them for too long, especially when they’re bright.

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