How Can Small Business Loans Empower Female Entrepreneurs?

How Can Small Business Loans Empower Female Entrepreneurs?
I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.
Written by Susan Vernicek

If anyone was empowered, it was Eleanor Roosevelt. 

She said, “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan”, and she was a woman that knew to face challenges head-on. 

As a female entrepreneur, you’re not that different from Mrs. Roosevelt, you face hard times, get stronger, and move on to the next hurdle. You know the difficulties of joining male peers in your entrepreneurial field. 

To reap business rewards, you never stop nurturing and growing your business.

Undoubtedly, you already know it’s harder for women to get needed funds and make investments. If you’ve ever had that problem you know the first question that comes to mind is: What’s the solution to this problem?  

Did you know there are financial institutions that focus on supporting female small business owners through with specialized loans and  business grants just for women? You can learn more about them in this handy guide of Top 20 Small Business Loans for Women by Camino Financial.  Here are examples of women determined to gain access to finances and energize their businesses’ futures.

Empowerment Is How Leticia Makes a Living. How can she help even more women?

Leticia attended a Women’s Entrepreneurship Day conference and was inspired when Jillian Manus said: 

If you believe in yourself, then people will believe in you. Your personal path and personal currency are what you have to establish before the professional piece can reach its full potential.

After that day, Leticia decided to expand her business as a motivational speaker. Ever since then she has been inspiring other women the way Jilian Manus inspired her. But now she wants to do even more.

With a small business loan for women, she was able to conduct self-improvement retreats and empowerment workshops. Since she owns an established business, the SBA-sponsored program called Women’s Business Centers made the most sense. 

Leticia contacted a certified lender of the SBA’s loan program, applied for a $20,000 loan, and was approved. With money in hand, she scheduled events, advertised, and had working capital for expenses. 

By already having a substantial fan base, Leticia has already booked retreats six months in advance. 

Barbara Provides In-Home Childcare. How can she add a playground for the children?

Female entrepreneurs constantly balance work and home responsibilities. 

That’s the reason Barbara started her childcare business to care for her kids and create a home environment for other women’s children. Barbara’s reputation as an excellent child care provider fuels business growth. 

She decided to check out available small business loans for women to add a playground in her backyard. She doesn’t have a mortgage payment, so Barbara is a good candidate for a home equity line of credit. 

With an entrepreneurial, can-do spirit, she contacts a lender and pitches the idea. Barbara is approved and purchases a unit that contains swings, places to climb, and slides. 

In the future, she may use the line of credit to add a canopy so children can play in inclement weather.

Helping Women Motivates Eloise. How can she expand her product line?

Eloise designs gadgets, bags, and accessories specifically aimed at mothers. One example is an organizer with space for a cell phone, diapers, a favorite pacifier and space for car keys and a sippy cup. 

She’s constantly trying to find new and better things to add to her product line.

Now she wants to go the extra mile. Her next venture is to design a customized app for Moms working away from home. Her mobile app designer needs funds to begin the project. 

Eloise takes the bull by the horns and applies for a grant called the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award. After completing the required documents and interviews, she receives an award for $30,000. 

Along with existing revenue and this grant, Eloise moves forward with enough money to market existing product lines.

Small Business Loans for Women Empower Business Dreams

These women were proactive and found lenders that offer small business loans for women. 

Whether applying for loans or business grants for women, it’s encouraging when institutions come alongside you to provide financial assistance. You’re sure to find a loan that will make a difference for your business. 

So, in this workaday world where women totally excel, what’s going to stop you?

I’ll answer that: 

Nothing will.

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I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.

Susan Vernicek

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