How to Buy a New Car with Confidence

How to Buy a New Car with Confidence
Written by Eliza Picot

Believe it or not, one of the greatest powers you have a car buyer is the ability to walk away from a deal that just isn’t right for you.

Buying a new car is an exciting experience that draws up a number of game-show parallels. To a certain extent, you’re toying around with large amounts of money, and your sweet prize waiting behind the right door is a great deal on a great car.

Navigating the waters of the car-buying process can be intimidating when you’re not sure of what to look for and what to be wary of. With these car-buying dos and don’ts, you’ll be set for success on your next trip to the dealership!

1. Do: Research

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during the car buying process is walking into a dealership with zero idea of what kind of car you’re looking for.

As much as you’d like to think car salesmen are looking out for your best interests, their job is to make the most profitable sale for themselves. They’ll have no shame in steering you in the wrong direction if you come without a plan.

Consider the things you want to get out of your car. Do you need a fuel-efficient sedan or a roomy mid-size crossover to fit the family? The internet is your best resource for all of your car research. Be sure to use it to your advantage!

2. Don’t: Let a salesman misguide you

If you come into the dealership knowing you have your heart set on a Toyota Corolla, don’t let your car salesperson sway you into buying a swanky sports car that doesn’t fit your needs. If you have your mind made up, stand your ground, and be firm in your decision-making.

3. Do: Stay true to your budget

Budgeting for a car varies  depending on how you plan to pay. No matter how you decide, the most important financial factor is to be sure that you’re within a budget that allows you to purchase the car without taking on any  unnecessary financial burdens.

No one wants to end up with a car that leaves them feeling stretched thin. Staying true to your budget will guarantee you end up with  a car that you feel good about.

4. Don’t: Solely focus on the payment plan

Many first-time buyers make the mistake of only looking at the monthly payment amount rather than the total cost of the car. It’s important to keep in mind that payment plans come with their fair share of interest and other fees over the lifetime of the loan. Look at the bigger picture costs before sealing the deal on your purchase.

5. Do: Shop around

Shopping at one dealer or in one city limits your possibility of finding a good deal elsewhere.  Before  buying a Volkswagen in Spokane, be sure to check out the inventories in  Glenrose, Geiger Heights, and  Fairwood.

Even if you’re not able to find a better deal, you’ll have confidence knowing that you’re not missing out on huge savings living a town over!

6. Don’t: Fall for unnecessary add-ons

Dealers are notorious for their ability to persuade buyers into walking away with a long list of things they don’t need. Beyond financing, dealers  make the vast majority of their revenue by selling you add-on products.

It’s much smarter to learn how to  maintain your car  yourself  than purchasing paint protection, key insurance, or services contracts straight from the dealer.

7. Do: Negotiate

Negotiating a car price can be nerve-wracking when you assume that the dealer has all of the power. While it is true that they are the ones who have the product you want, you have the money they want. In order to make a successful sale, both parties need to be happy– so a bit of negotiating is a simple part of the process.

Feeling nervous about negotiating?

Try these 5 tips:
●  Negotiate  the price of the car, not the monthly payments
●  Take things slowly, repeat numbers you hear, and write figures down
●  Ask about fees ASAP
●  Be unpredictable- don’t let a salesman trap you in his office or make you feel pressured
●  Use other dealership prices to leverage your ask

8. Don’t: Be afraid to walk away

Believe it or not, one of the greatest powers you have a car buyer is the ability to walk away from a deal that just isn’t right for you.

Feeling like you’ve wasted the dealer’s time, or feeling embarrassed about walking away  from a price tag that’s not within your budget are two feelings dealers feed on. Don’t be afraid to say no and leave.

Put the power back in your hands and buy your new car with confidence!

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