Signs That Burglars Might Be Interested in Your Residence

Signs That Burglars Might Be Interested in Your Residence
Emma Sneddon
Written by Emma Sneddon

People these days are very conscious about the safety of their residences. As a result, statistics show a declination in the rate of home theft. But the sad news is, no matter how much the rate drops, criminals are always out there. Given the slightest chance, criminals will break into your house and steal whatever they can.

Though you can’t say it for sure, there are some common signs indicating a criminal’s presence around your home.  

An  Unknown  Vehicle
Lingering  Around:

A vehicle which is unknown both to you and your neighbors always raises a question. This dawdling vehicle might be parked for a long time and might return at random periods. Either way, this is a typical method for a burglar to learn your daily routine. 

Presence of  Strangers  
Near  Your  Home:

You can easily mark a person walking by or jogging in front of your house. They have the appropriate attire and attitude. If you’re around for a while, you should be able to identify your neighbors too. But anyone not matching the profile, looking suspicious, deserves your attention. Take a minute or two to judge that person, don’t hesitate to contact legal authorities if necessary. 

A Random Request:

Thieves are opportunists. They’ll strike whenever the iron is hot! So, beware of any random requests that come up at your door. If a stranger comes to your door asking to use the phone, your bathroom or a glass of water, try to make sure they don’t have unrestricted access to your home. Because that person might be a burglar making an attempt to have a better look at your home.

Recent Work Done to Your Home:

Often burglars have a job that gives them access to people’s home. He could be a handyman who visited your house for an emergency fix. He could be a landscaper, painter, a plumber or a door-to-door salesman. Beware if one of them suddenly shows up to your house without any particular reasons.
These signs might be as subtle, as you can imagine, but for the betterment of your own security, you always have to keep a wary eye to notice them.

Home Safety When You Are Away: 

Your home is in the most vulnerable state when you are away for a long trip or vacation. Follow these steps to prevent any harm:
– Never share your itinerary publicly on social media. This is spoon feeding to the burglar.  
– Ask your newspaper and mail provider to hold for the period which you are away. This way they won’t pile up in front of your home.
– Maintain a friendly relation with your neighbors and notify them while leaving. This way they can keep an eye open while you are away and notify you of any suspicious activity.
– Notify your alarm services about your absence.

Your permanent residence is a precious asset. So, to protect your home against any unexpected events, you should have proper investment property insurance so that you can have peace of mind if something theft by any third parties.

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