5 Tips On How To Build A Unique Home

5 Tips On How To Build A Unique Home
Written by Christina Moore

Most people tend to want to fit in. Whether it’s by matching the personality or dressing style of another person, they will go to extreme lengths to be accepted by their peers. What is important to understand is that it’s more beneficial to have your own identity.

While it may take a while to find it, it allows for an easier and fun going lifestyle. With that said, the same can be said about your home. You do not want to be like every other person when it comes to your home.

It’s far more beneficial to consider something like craftsman style house plans as opposed to normal ones.

In this case, the best way to stand out is by taking the time to add your own personal touches. With this in mind, here are five tips on how to build a unique home.

Tip #5: First Off, Know Your Budget

Even though this tip is not specifically about the home building process, the absolute first step to building a unique home is knowing your budget. This set’s the guidelines and rules on what items you can buy and at what price you should buy them.

Additionally, it’s the best way to allocate money. For example, if you’re adding personal touches to your living room, your budget lets you know you can spend on a couch and how much to put towards a centerpiece. As an overall rule, it a good idea to save double what you think your budget might be.

Tip #4: Choose Paint That Matches Your Personality

After the budget is all set up, the next important step in building a unique home is choosing a paint color that matches your personality. Let’s face it, your home is a reflection of you.

To give some context, brighter colors may give off the impression that you also have a bright or enthusiastic personality. That being said, you also want to consider room size. For the most part, a smaller room looks better with a lighter color tone and vice versa for bigger areas.

Tip #3: Mix & Match Furniture

From the inside out, one of the best ways to be unique is by mixing and matching furniture. While most people play it safe by keeping the same style in and around their home, mixing and matching will certainly have people talking about what a bold move that is.

While it’s just furniture, we also have to remember that we have to stick to what makes us comfortable. Don’t just mix and match because you want to stand out, mix and match with the intention of creating a welcoming feel.

Tip #2: Invest In Unique Art Pieces

This is a tip that scares many homeowners away. Given that all homeowners usually have a tight budget anyway, investing money in a unique art piece is something that they don’t even consider. Well, if you take the correct budget tips as mentioned before, buying an art piece can mean all the difference.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars for a one of a kind art piece. All it means is investing in an art piece that is unique to be a conversation starter. In turn, this can lead to people wanting to stop by for a visit more often.

Tip #1: Be Precise

What separates a normal house owner from a unique house owner is the ability to be precise. In other words, measuring by the inch will result in your house not going unnoticed.

In fact, it will have people appreciating the time and effort that was put into making your house unique. Not to mention, knowing your measurements also allows you to take full advantage of every square inch in your home. Professional interior designers are masters at this skill. Every inch must be used in order to create a unique home.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

All in all, none of these tips mean anything if you don’t love your home yourself. While it’s great to stand out and be different, don’t go out of your way to buy things you don’t like just for the same reason. Be unique in the way you want to be.

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