5 Ways to Have a Pest-Free Home

5 Ways to Have a Pest-Free Home
Written by Christina Moore

A house is one of the most important possessions we will ever own, especially pest-free. It serves as a shelter during the harsh weather, as well as a personal space for each of the family members. However, the most important function of a house is a place where we can spend time and make memories with our loved ones.

There’s a lot of things that determine a great house and it depends on the needs of its occupants. Some households like more space for each family member, while other households are okay with a smaller house. Some would also opt for spectacular architecture design, while some would rather keep the design plain and simple.

However, when it comes to warm weather, every house is susceptible to pest infestation.

A pest infestation can happen anytime, anywhere, and in any climate. When its too cold, pests will find their way into homes to warm up. When its too hot, pests will enter houses to cool down.

Now that summer is near, it is expected that more and more areas will experience pest infestation. There are times when DIY options can remove a pest infestation. However, most of the time, professional pest control services such as Joshua’s Pest Control are needed in order to completely eliminate the pests.

What Is A Pest Infestation?

A pest infestation occurs when a property is being invaded or overrun by pests or parasites. Usually, these infestations carry a lot of dangers to both the health of the occupants and the objects in the area, as well as the property itself.

The most common examples of pest infestation are usually done by cockroaches, rats, mice, and ants. However, there is also infestation from flies and wasps in some areas.

Although professional help is available in almost all places in the country, prevention is still the greatest cure when it comes to pest infestation. It is important that every homeowner have the basic knowledge of pest infestation and how to control it until the professional help is available.

Knowledge in preventing pest infestation is required, especially if your area is known to have a lot of infestation cases. Here are the preventive steps that anyone can do to prevent pests from invading their homes.

5 Ways to Have a Pest-Free Home

1. Make sure to organize your food storage

One way of organizing food effectively is to make sure they are in durable and proper containers. Each container should have a label for things that are not easily recognizable. Make sure to check your storage area regularly, especially in areas where food is stored. As long as there is food available, pests will stay at a home and will not likely leave.

2. Eliminate leaks and a possible source of water

Water is also another necessity that pests need to live. Which means that pests will stay at one place if they have a source of water nearby. These sources usually come from leaks in the plumbing system, which is usually unseen until a bigger problem (such as flooding) will occur. Make sure to conduct regular maintenance of your plumbing system and eliminate another possible water source.

3. Patch possible entryways and hidden gaps

Pests will not ask for your permission and will enter your house uninvited when they have ways to do so. Common entryways include unpatched holes in the walls. They can also hide on gaps such as in electrical wires, under a picture frame, and under furniture.

4. Regularly check places that are hard to reach

Places that are hard to reach include those mentioned from the previous items and locations where you seldom go. Mattresses should be vacuumed regularly to prevent bed bugs from infesting your bed. Clean the spaces under your bed, on unused furniture, and check for the wall interior to see if there is a possible termite infestation.

5. Always maintain cleanliness inside and outside your house

Last but not least, always maintain cleanliness inside as well as outside your house. Avoid leaving dishes unwashed (its free food for pests). Make sure to wipe out spills as quickly as possible.

Make sure to put the trash can a decent distance to avoid leading pests inside your home. And last but not least, if you have plants near your house, make sure that the stems are not touching your home.

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