How to Manage Mental and Physical Endurance with Excessive Sweating

How to Manage Mental and Physical Endurance with Excessive Sweating
Written by Christina Moore

With this stress and anxiety, sweat is a naturally occurring factor that coincides with these types of emotions.

There are obstacles in life that we must overcome. These challenges are, at times, so tough that our bodies profusely sweat. In this excess pool of sweat, we reach out for a clinical strength antiperspirant to get us through.

After all, getting sweat in the eyes is not only painful, it is also extremely distracting and uncomfortable. For many, it is also embarrassing.

Is physical endurance the only reason to use antiperspirant? What about using it for an activity that may make us feel nervous or anxious, like an exam. Today, we will discuss a few examples and tips in alleviating excess sweat.

Physical Endurance

It is obvious that any physical activity, especially rigorous fitness-related activity, will cause a good amount of sweating. Zumba, yoga, cycling, running, and even while swimming can produce sweat.

Our bodies need to sweat in order to cool off. “What do I do with excessive sweating? I understand my body needs to cool off, but I still sweat excessively even hours after my work out.

What do I do and why is this happening?” you ask. Excessive sweating can be caused by a number of reasons. It could be a medical condition, a side effect of a medication, or perhaps, heat exhaustion to just mention a few.

What you should do if you suspect that excess sweating could be due to an underlying disease is to contact and visit your physician or other healthcare professional. They will run a series of tests to determine the source of your excessive sweating.

In terms of reducing sweat during exercise

It is suggested to wear lightweight breathable fabrics that wick away moisture. As mentioned, a higher-strength deodorant or antiperspirant is also recommended to alleviate heavy sweating.

The optimal time to apply them is during the evening when the body is cooler. This is so the ingredients in the deodorant or antiperspirant can go down into the sweat ducts, effectively.

If you apply it in the morning, there is a higher chance that the higher-strength deodorant or antiperspirant will simply wash away with the increased production of sweat during that time of the day.

If you experience excess sweating on your feet, change shoes and socks often. Additionally, use products specifically meant for feet to also reduce sweating in the feet.

Mental Endurance

Despite the technological advances in today’s modern world, mental health has become a subject in the spotlight in these times. More often than not, we are stressed with the daily activities that surround us. With this stress and anxiety, sweat is a naturally occurring factor that coincides with these types of emotions.

For instance, we may feel extreme stress and anxiety from preparing and taking an important academic exam. We may feel stress because of an uncomfortable situation. You may have noticed when this happens, you begin to sweat.

At times, we tend to sweat heavily. Whatever the circumstance that causes the stress that results in excessive sweating, keep in mind that we will overcome the challenge.

Keep calm

A study shows that anxiety and heavy sweating can occur at the same time. So if you feel embarrassed about excessive sweating because you are stressed or vice versa, don’t be.

Instead, meditate in a cool area. This will cool your body physically while alleviating stress in your mind. As a result, excessive sweating may reduce. Again, visit a healthcare professional to find the source of the heavy sweating, if not yet known.

Anxiety is felt when our bodies are about to react to a perceived threat through the fight-or-flight response from the sympathetic system in our bodies. Because of this, our body begins to perspire. Specifically, our hands, feet, and underarms begin to sweat in preparation for the action.

It is said that sweat caused by stress as oppose to physical activity or temperature, smell different. Rather, the sweat we produce differ in odor because different glands produce them. Known as “stress sweat,” the apocrine glands produce the majority of stress-related sweat. Apocrine glands are larger. The sweat produced by the apocrine glands tends to be thicker. They are also richer in proteins and lipids.

The eccrine glands, however, produce sweat caused by physical activity or high temperatures. Eccrine glands are greater in number and are found to be distributed all over our bodies in varying densities. Its primary function is to cool down the body.

We have briefly discussed a couple of sweat glands in our bodies. We have discussed ways to help reduce sweat from our bodies.

Whether you are excessively sweating because your body is trying to cool down or because your body is preparing for a response, visit your physician or other healthcare professionals if excessive sweating persists.

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