Dating Websites for Seniors Over 65

Dating Websites for Seniors Over 65
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You can still date at 65, 70 and above. It’s all a matter of choice.

Never Too Late to Find Love

Can I Still Date at 65?

Age is largely a thing of the mind. Yes, the body does age and other changes occur either as a result of the things you have seen and experienced or other factors. That said, whether or not a person really begins to fade away is more of a function of the mind than simply a function of aging.

We know that there are health conditions that could cause a person to deteriorate but those are not standard occurrences. This subject has been the theme of many debates. Thankfully, studies have also been carried out on it and there are answers we can get.

One particular article that was published in The Telegraph mentioned a study in which it was discovered that folks who thought themselves to be old actually went ahead to stop engaging in certain activities that contributed to keeping them physically and mentally young. You can read the full article here.

A lot of our senior friends somehow believe that love is no longer for them because they are too old to find love. You will hear some old folks say stuff like “what else am I looking for in life?” The simple fact that you are alive means that there is more you can do and experience.

If we were to look at our topic through the prism of this study, we can safely conclude that by refusing to date or find new love or relationships because you think you are too old for those things, you are actually accelerating the aging process by yourself.

So the answer to the question is a resounding YES! You can still date at 65, 70 and above. It’s all a matter of choice.

Top Dating Sites for Seniors Over 65

Now that we have laid this background, we will quickly list a few dating sites that are just perfect for seniors over 65.

Senior Match

This is easily one of the best sites for seniors who want to try online dating. The minimum required age is 50 so you will find those that are far above that. This is a free site but you will need to upgrade to take full advantage of all the site has on offer.

Our Time

It’s indeed our time as seniors. You can only join this site if you are 50 and above, making it just perfect for seniors. To really enjoy this site, go for the premium membership plan.

Senior People Meet

Just as the name has stated, it is where seniors aged 50 and above meet. You also need a paid membership plan here to enjoy the best of this site.

Silver Singles

Your gray hair is a sign of age and wisdom. This is where the gray hairs congregate so this is where you can find that gray haired companion you are looking for. This is also a site that you will enjoy better with a paid plan.

The above are just a few sites to consider. Though we are trying to convince you to look for the dating sites for seniors before you get old and turn into a lonely person, we understand that you may have some challenges with it. We will, therefore, address a few of them now.

Dating Challenges that Seniors Face

Having looked briefly at some dating sites that seniors over 65 can go on to find love and new relationships, we feel it is important to address the issue of certain challenges they may be facing when it comes to dating.

The goal here is to bring these challenges to the fore so they can be acknowledged and then properly dealt with. It is our belief that these challenges persist because they are not acknowledged and because they are not acknowledged, they cannot be addressed.

Fear of Rejection

In a lot of cases, seniors are not so confident when it comes to putting themselves out there because they fear rejection. Here’s a truth you need to tell yourself if you are a senior experiencing this. There is someone out there within you age range that is feeling as lonely as you are. You may not need to work as hard as you think to find someone you can be very happy with.

The rate of rejection may only be high if you are going for far younger partners. Unless you are very rich, finding a partner that is way younger than you may prove a bit difficult. However, finding someone within your age group is a lot easier.

You have a lot in common which makes communication very easy.

Fear of Stepping Out

“I’ve been out of the game for too long”.  This is something we hear all too often. This is especially the case for seniors who have not dated in a very long while. At this age, you do not need to over-think things. Whether you are a man or a woman, understand that just the same way your wants and desires have been refined over the years and you understand that there is more to life than just what you see, so also has the other person who is your age mate.

Dating at this age is not the same as dating in high school. You are a lot wiser and so also is your intended partner. Do not be afraid of putting yourself out there. There is someone that is just right for you out there.

Not Knowing Where to Start

Not knowing where or how to start is another challenge that many face. When they were young men and women, things were a lot different than they are now. While you can still try physical meeting points as was the case in your day, we have provided you with online dating sites specifically designed for seniors like you.

This is actually a lot easier as you can do everything from the comfort of your home. You do not even have to meet the person until you are very comfortable with them. This does not totally rule out the physical meeting points. A few guidelines to help you with dating generally as a senior have been provided in this article.


Dating as a senior can be a challenge. If however you can overcome the initial inhibition and strike out in faith, you will be amazed and how much fuller and enjoyable your life will be with the right relationship. This is an opportunity to feel young and alive again. Grasp it with both hands.

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