Top 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Top 40th Birthday Party Ideas
Written by James Thumper

In many ways, a superior birthday party is all about the details. How you decorate a 40th birthday party should be much different than the accessories for a 60th birthday party.

The music should be considerably different, too. The sounds of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Britany Spears are more likely to be heard than the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. It’s all about fun and comfort and vintage party rentals that add to the occasion.

Top 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Maximize the Fun

Good music, good food and good friends are the mainstays of a great party, whether for him or her. Here are several ideas to make the most of the party.

If possible, include the outdoors in your planning

Get comfortable seating such as sofas and lounge chairs that allow people to relax

Bring in suitable accessories such as chalkboards so guests can write their favorite memories

Decorate with Texas icons such as the state flag or classic cow skulls

Bringing in some quality entertainment for the night often sets a party apart. If the budget allows, hire a local band for some line dancing or get a comedian to keep things lively. While you might only get married once, you or your guest will definitely only turn 40 one time.

Minimize the Hassle

When preparing for a birthday bash, Austin event rentals can take much of the stress out of planning. For the special night, you can decorate your place with exceptional table settings, an assortment of lanterns, colorful rugs and an eclectic collection of seating options.

Since it’s possible some imbibing of beverages could be going on, you can even rent a fancy assortment of goblets and elegant glassware. A crystal cake stand makes for a perfect platform to set off the birthday cake.

A birthday party at age 40 is a night to spend with friends and family and have a good time. Getting the details right with rentals only improves the event.

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