Keep Your Family’s Summer Style on Point

Keep Your Family's Summer Style on Point
Written by Jsmith

Here are numerous ways that you can approach getting the family dressed for activities this summer.

With summer right around the corner, there has never been a better time to take a serious look at your family’s style! While coordinating outfits with your family is largely reserved for vacation trips to Disney World, you’ll still find it enjoyable to embrace a shared style with one another.

While your kids might roll their eyes, we promise that you will all be overjoyed by some of the fun summer fashion trends that families are embracing in 2019. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Keep Your Family's Summer Style on Point

Fun Summer Fashion Trends for Families

Have you ever been walking around the mall when you noticed an immaculately dressed family? We don’t mean to imply that they were all wearing suits. What we mean is that the entire family seemed to be dressed in a coordinated fashion, thus giving them a shared style.

Every mom and dad have, at one point, wondered how they could improve the style game of their family when spending time together, so today we are going to be bringing you some answers! Let’s highlight just a couple of the most entertaining and fun ways that you can bring a sense of style to your family this summer.

1) Customized T-Shirts: Whether you are spending the day at the beach or heading out to the city for a shopping excursion, your family can look great in themed customizable t-shirts. Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to create your own unique t-shirts. With an online t-shirt printing company, you can start with your own unique design before laying it on top of whatever t-shirt style that you want.

When you customize summer t-shirts, you get to create something that is perfect for your entire family! Do you want to create athletic tank tops for the next family get-together?

Do you want to create baseball t-shirts with your family name on them? Your choices are endless, so feel free to go crazy with your design ideas. We should say at this point that designing your t-shirt is easy but making your kids wear them is an entirely different proposition. We can’t help you out there!

2) Rock That Gingham: Summer fashion trends are as exciting as they are occasionally silly. Fortunately, we have a fashion trend that is significantly less silly than rocking a fidget spinner or a meme t-shirt. Gingham is in like never before and that means that you and your family have a variety of different ways you can create complementing outfits.

Gingham patterns are fresh, varied, and unique to look at, so feel free to go wild with your style. Dad could rock blue gingham while your daughter could roll with a beautiful teal or pink.

You know what? Go crazy with whatever colors you deem necessary. What makes gingham such a great summer fashion idea is that it is a flexible pattern. You can go a long way before going overboard when it comes to rocking gingham.

3) Summer Accessories Are Stylish: Alright, now that we’ve spent some time talking about t-shirts, let’s take a step back in order to talk about accessories. Accessories can be a hit or miss proposition for families. After all, you can sort of flip a coin when your entire family wears sunglasses, for example.

If it lands heads, you might all look like Mr. Smith from ‘The Matrix’. If the coin lands tails, your family might look good. What we mean to say is this, if you aren’t careful about how you accessorize, you might hate how you look. Fortunately, there are a few simple fashion trends that your whole family can enjoy without worrying about looking bad. Let’s pinpoint them, below.

a) Nice Watches: Upscale watches are officially in this summer. Whether dad wants to rock a leather band with a high-end watch body or a simple bracelet watch, feel free to go wild. Getting watches for your children can also be a great way to improve their style. After all, most kids don’t even wear watches anymore.

b) Sun Hats: If you are spending time outside with the family, make sure that you have a sun hat or two within arm’s reach. This chic style of hat looks good on your head while protecting you from harmful sun rays. Sun hats are great for both boys and girls, and they fit with any age range.

c) Castaway Shoes: You can’t spend time outside without comfortable shoes on. If you want the whole family to look stylish, consider purchasing castaway shoes. Castaway shoes are basically just loafers that were designed for being outdoors. You’ll be able to walk the shopping district as easily as you traverse the beach in your castaway shoes.

4) Athleisure Clothing: Our final summer fashion trend has everything to do with athletics. Well, kind of. Athleisure is a new brand of clothing that blends athletic leisure clothes, like sweatpants, with modern daywear. Mom will look great in her athletic joggers while little brother wears his own tennis shoes and track pants.

If you enjoy staying active, make the whole family look active together. Besides, if your family boycotts your clothing decision, you’ll be in the perfect outfit to chase them down and make them wear the clothing, anyway. We’re mostly joking, but we do want to emphasize that athletic daywear is incredibly fashionable right now.

As you can see, there are numerous ways that you can approach getting the family dressed for activities this summer. Whether you are spending time strolling along the beach or merely getting out for a day of shopping fun, there are clothing options for you to consider.

Having said that, being comfortable in your summer clothing is all about knowing what you are looking for. If your family doesn’t like the summer fashion trends that we highlighted above, keep on doing your research.

You’ll find something perfect for your family, eventually! If you DO like the trends we highlighted, now is the time to get shopping!

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