Key Features You Need in Productivity Apps for Your Business

Key Features You Need in Productivity Apps for Your Business
Written by Rosana Beechum

A high-quality productivity app will have the capability to automate workflow.

In today’s business environment, a growing number of companies are relying on productivity apps. If you are new to some of the advances in technology that will help keep your team on task while making information more transparent within your organization, you are probably looking for a productivity app that will help you streamline literally every process imaginable. But what are the best productivity apps and what should you look for? Let’s touch base on a few of the key features you need.

Multichannel Support

When it comes to productivity apps, one of the most important features you can look for is multichannel support. Or, in other terms, an app that can communicate with customers and team members via a number of routes.

You might want a chatbot and you might want to communicate via video conferencing or even email. Any business productivity app must, by its very nature, have multichannel support.

Auto-syncing Features

How many times in the past have you literally wasted valuable hours trying to copy data or correspondence from one app to another?

A good productivity app will have auto-syncing capabilities so that whatever information is entered on one app will immediately be carried over to all (or most) of the others. 

For example, if you get an email saying that your shipment is on the way, you want that information to be synced to Outlook Calendar, to your receiving department, and perhaps even to your sales department so they can have an accurate assessment on when products will be available for sale.

Altogether too many productivity apps don’t have this functionality. One good comparison would be the difference between Zapier and PieSync. Zappier doesn’t have this auto-syncing functionality, whereas PieSync will integrate with other apps so that the information is automatically transferred.

Automated Workflow

This brings us to the whole concept of automation. A high-quality productivity app will have the capability to automate workflow. If your stock is down, the app will have the functionality to notify the appropriate department to order more.

An automated workflow function can also send a work order to the production line. This leaves you free to continue on with what you are doing so that there is a minimal interruption.

Can It Be Customized?

You may also want a productivity app which can be customized to your specific industry or to your requirements. Some of the functions may not be needed while others may need to be customized to suit your purposes.

A good productivity app will give you the capability to customize functions so that you get what you need without taking up space (and speed!) on those functions you won’t be using.

A productivity app is just what the name implies. It’s really nothing more than software designed to help your organization maximize productivity, which in turn, maximizes profitability.

So then, that’s the bottom line. A productivity app should be the wheel that turns your corporate wheel. It should be the center upon which all functions and jobs revolve. That’s what you need in a productivity app for your business.

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