Leadership Tactics for New Business Owners

Leadership Tactics for New Business Owners
Written by Emma Miller

As a leader you always have to be on your best behavior and set an example for others.

Starting your own business and being a new business owner can be one of the most exciting and challenging experiences you can have in your life.

Successfully running a business will depend on your ability to get all of the formalities figured out such as knowing how to register a business, secure the proper funding and coming up with new products and services.

All in all, the only way to set your business apart and really make something great is to become a business leader. With that being said, a lot of business owners often forget about this important task or aren’t sure what it actually requires of them.

So, to help you out, today we are going to take a look at some leadership tactics for new business owners. 

Have a Plan and a Vision

One of the main goals of a good business leader is to come up with a vision of where they want their business to be going as well as a plan of how they’re going to get there. First off, a vision will give you something you will always be able to aim at and turn to in hard times and remind you of why you started a business in the first place.

On top of this, sharing your vision with others will also make them connect with your ultimate goals more clearly, further inspiring your employees and setting your business apart from others in the eyes of your customers. 

On the other hand, a good plan is also essential for a good leader as it will make you think about potential problems that can arise and solve them in advance saving you and your whole business from potential complications. It’s also important to remember that a good business plan shouldn’t be set in stone.

You should always aim to reanalyze and adapt your plan depending on the circumstances you’re in always aiming to maximize your opportunities and minimize your adversities. 

Become a Great Communicator

By far the most important skill every business leader should possess is that of great communication. The most important aspects of your job as a leader will involve talking to people.

Talking to your employees is an essential way not only to receive deeper insight into the inner workings of your business but also to inspire and motivate them to work harder and more efficiently. 

However, knowing how to talk to your employees properly isn’t that simple. In fact, studies have shown that knowing how to listen to someone effectively is a lot more important in a conversation than knowing how to actually talk to them or what to say to them.

This is even more true for a business leader, yet a lot of them still feel that they know best and spend most of their time talking instead of just listening to their employees.

There are only a few things people enjoy as much as being listened to, and knowing how to really listen to your employees will not only make them like you more but also give you the vital information that will allow you to take your leadership to the next level. 

With that being said, knowing how to transfer information is also vital. You have to make sure that you are always speaking clearly and precisely, there is no need to rant and talk for hours on end when the purpose of what you are trying to say can be summed up in a few short sentences. 

Lead by Example

Finally, and most importantly, it’s crucial to understand that at the end of the day the best leadership is done through example. As a business leader, you don’t only represent the face of your company to the outside world but you also represent a figure everyone in your business looks up to.

Because of this, you should always aim to be the embodiment of what you want your employees to be and what you want your customers and associates to think of when they talk about your business. 

Your actions will directly determine how the rest of your employees will behave, but it’s also remembering that this goes both ways.

For example, if you keep showing up late to the office your employees will surely start noticing this and start reflecting your bad behavior.

So, always keep in mind that as a leader you always have to be on your best behavior and set an example for others. 


Learning how to become a good leader is something that will definitely take you a lot of time and energy, however, it’s something that will be extremely helpful not only when it comes to successfully running your business but in your everyday life as well.

The three tactics listed here are only a few of many that a good leader should employ. Mastering them is a great place to start no matter how much natural talent for the leadership you have. 

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