The Secret to Succeeding as a Small Business Owner

The Secret to Succeeding as a Small Business Owner
Written by Rosana Beechum

The fact of the matter is that all successful small business owners have just one thing in common, and that is being able to stay focused.

Whenever the topic of small business owners comes up, people are likely to come up with a lot of different ideas. Small business owners are sometimes thought of as independent sole operators, like people who own hotdog stands.

A small business owner can also own a computer repair shop that employs several dozen people. The fact of the matter is that all successful small business owners have just one thing in common, and that is being able to stay focused.

Read on to learn all of the secrets to success that small business owners are eager to know.

Starting Small as a Small Business Owner

Small business owners are the cornerstone of the American dream. From door-to-door salespeople in the 19th century to merchants, importers, farmers, and geniuses, the only obstacle to success as a small business owner in the U.S. is really the size of your ideas.

Today, small business owners are just as enthusiastic and optimistic about their chances at striking it rich.

To start with, anyone who wants to be a small business owner has to look up ‘what is an LLC’, then determine if this is what they truly want to do. There is a lot of paperwork that has to be filled out just to officially launch a business.

Then there are finance records that have to be maintained meticulously, standards that have to be met, and expectations to be surpassed. It’s all hard work, but it is also rewarding.

Controlling the Pace of Your Business Growth

A new small business can grow very slowly and steadily, but it can also blow up almost overnight. You do have some say about the pace of your business growth, but if you are dedicated to success, then you also need to be able to go with the flow.

If your hypothetical t-shirt business were to find itself with more orders than it could keep up with, would you be prepared to hire additional employees on the spot? Would you be able to put in extra hours at your small business location printing up brochures, answering emails, and collating your files?

As long as you are certain that you can meet the challenges you will meet as a business owner, you will be able to be successful.

Paying Attention to All the Details in Business

Running a successful small business is synonymous with looking at the details. You really do have to be able to look at the nuances and all of the little things in order to present a professional image.

Great small business owners feel that every customer should be satisfied and that every product is of superior quality. This actually begins when a small business owner is just starting out.

They will go to websites like so that they can learn about business structures and licensing requirements on their own before making an educated decision.

Detail-oriented small business owners want to know the full meaning of what is an LLC prior to meeting with the first lawyer or business advisor. They take matters into their own hands, taking a hands-on approach when it comes to every aspect of operating a small business.

Meeting Deadlines and Taking Business Responsibilities Seriously

You can easily compare running a small business to taking on a long-term project. There are stages and steps that have to be completed first, some chronologically, and others just being completed as necessary.

In order to avoid paying late fees and penalties when it comes to licensing and taxes, you have to be able to meet deadlines consistently.

Whether you have a restaurant and bar and need to keep your business operator license in good standing or avoid paying a penalty for filing your state taxes late, organization and responsibility are key.

No one is going to take your small business as seriously as you do, so if you are planning on being successful and happy you need to learn how to meet deadlines now. Don’t procrastinate, and if you can, get things done early.

Enjoying Your Success as a Small Business Owner

It is common knowledge that small business owners are amongst the hardest working people in the world. It is also true that small business owners have unmatched levels of freedom in their professional lives.

In theory, at least, they can go on vacation when they want, afford to splurge on themselves when the mood hits, and most of all, they are the ones giving out the orders.

The truth is that responsible small business owners have a really have time fully enjoying their success most of the time. Sure, they will save extra money toward their retirement, reinvesting in their businesses, and even reward their employees for a job well done.

Enjoy All of Your Accomplishments

At the same time, one of the keys to success as a small business owner is being able to enjoy all of your accomplishments. There is nothing wrong with being dedicated to your company, but you also have to know when to take a break.

The beauty of being a small business owner is the fact that you have a choice as to what you do. You can go into business for yourself as a personal trainer who spends hours at the gym or coaching virtual, creating meal plans for your clients and keeping yourself fit as a form of self-advertisement.

You might prefer to stay on your computer at home, creating websites, developing new software, and dealing with web security issues for your customers.

Have an Idea

There is no ideal way to go into business unless of course, you are talking about organization and strategy. Have an idea of where you want your small business to be in five to ten years. Talk to others about how you can get tasks accomplished faster and with better ease.

The secret to being a successful small business owner is to be happy with the way you do things on a regular basis. If you wake up with a smile and enjoy what you are doing for a living, then your business is going to be a blessing no matter the outcome.

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