Achieving California Casual Home Decor Style

Achieving California Casual Home Decor Style
Written by James Thumper

California casual involves the use of a wide range of earthy tones.

California casual home decor is an up-and-coming design style that offers homes across the country a laid-back, clean and well-balanced feel. This style is a more modern, more practical take on traditional minimalism that allows homeowners to keep spaces clear of clutter while still incorporating their own personality into the mix, combining that picture-perfect design scheme with livability.

While the style itself is fairly simple and carefree, there are a few things to remember if you’re planning on incorporating this design scheme into your home.

Start with a Simple Color Scheme

Whether you’re working with interior designers Santa Barbara to design a room or you’re doing it on your own, you should always start out by deciding what colors you’d like to incorporate into your space.

Selecting your colors early helps you choose furniture pieces and accents down the line and ensures your vision stays as cohesive as possible.

California casual involves the use of a wide range of earthy tones. Therefore, it’s best to stick with neutral wall colors when designing rooms of this type. Accents should also lie in the neutral range for the most part, with plenty of beiges, grays, whites and muted tones.

Light neutrals (whites and off-whites) tend to look and feel more airy, breezy and at home in this design than darker options.

Using Natural Materials

One of the main design principles used in California Casual is the smooth combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. One great way to do this is by using natural materials throughout your space.

Instead of dark plastic or other inorganic materials, consider using wooden furniture – preferably made from raw, light-colored wood in order to maintain that pure, natural feeling. Some other materials you might think about incorporating into your furniture and accent selection include:

•   Woven rattan
•   Linin
•   Wool
•   Sisal

Using items that can be found in nature such as shells, driftwood and interesting stones or crystals can further add to the au natural feel of your room design.

Incorporate Plants

No California casual design scene is complete without a healthy splash of greenery. Bright green leaves and colorful blooms are a wonderful way to bring a bit of color to the light neutral tones used throughout your design scheme while emphasizing the value of natural beauty, freshness and positive energy.

Use a variety of plants in your space, ranging from tall potted trees to simple tabletop succulents. Plant them in a pottery planter to tie them into your existing décor.

Layer the Look

The base of this whole style is clean, neutral and bare. While this is certainly true to minimalist values, it can be a little dull without the right accents. That’s why it’s important to create layers in your space that add a pop of color and texture to the overall appeal.

Rugs, accent pillows, and throws are an excellent way to do this. Products that look like sheepskin or have a furry/fuzzy texture are doubly perfect for this task because they add in a dash of much-needed texture while maintaining the natural appeal of the room.

California casual is a look that homeowners across the nation are embracing. Contact the best interior designers in your area and get started on transforming your home into a breezy, clean-living seaside haven.

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