How Flexible Pouches Can Keep Vitamins Fresher, Longer

How Flexible Pouches Can Keep Vitamins Fresher, Longer
Written by James Thumper

The compact size of flexible pouches is an incredible boost for vitamin storage at home and in retail spaces.

If you take vitamins on a regular schedule, you’re probably aware of the importance of storing them so that they stay fresh and effective for as long as possible. After all, if you’re ingesting a stale, damp or depleted vitamin, you’re not getting the goodness your body needs to function at its best.

Flexible pouches are simple, high-tech vitamin storage solutions. They offer stay-fresh features, convenient storage, and customizable options. They also offer product information and advertising via digital pouch printing techniques.

Stay-Fresh Features

One of the most exciting aspects of the flexible pouch is its ability to conform to the industry standards for packaging vitamins and keeping them fresh. Vitamin pouches typically include the following features:

•   UV and artificial light protection
•   Moisture protection
•   Airtight environment

Thanks to high-tech developments in packaging materials, vitamin manufacturers can package their products in durable pouches that resist damage and adverse environmental conditions.

Convenient Storage

The compact size of flexible pouches is an incredible boost for vitamin storage at home and in retail spaces. Far more versatile than standard bottles or boxes, you can maximize your storage space by stacking or hanging the pouches. The following formats are well-suited to retail displays and home storage systems:

•   Stand-up
•   Pillow
•   Lay-flat

When vitamins can be conveniently stored, consumers are much more likely to choose and use them while they are fresh and within their sell-by date.

Customizable Options

When it comes to customizing pouches, manufacturers have an abundance of options. For example, they can choose the opening mechanism that best suits the product’s shelf life, from sliders to press-to-close zippers.

Child-proof packaging is another great option for vitamins and nutritional supplements. Pouches with hang holes and tear notches make retailers’ lives easier when it comes to displaying products. Further, manufacturers may customize pouches to hold the following types of product:

•   Gel
•   Liquid
•   Powder
•   Solid

As you can see, no matter the product type, there’s a flexible packaging solution to maintain its freshness and longevity.

Product Information

Flexible pouches provide ample opportunity for manufacturers to share their product information. High-tech digital pouch printing developments allow all faces or surfaces of the container to feature information, graphics and more.

With this abundance of advertising “real estate,” manufacturers can give consumers information on how to consume and store their vitamins for optimum use and maximum freshness.

Brand Loyalty

In addition to product information, manufacturers can promote their brand and story on their packaging. In doing so, they have the opportunity to establish themselves as trusted industry leaders.

Brand loyalty can move consumers to regularly buy a particular product in line with their consumption schedule. In this way, flexible pouches further contribute to the freshness of vitamins that consumers take.

As you can see, flexible pouches can keep vitamins fresher for longer, thanks to their construction, size and customizable options. They also promote freshness through their ability to let manufacturers and retailers communicate with consumers via digital pouch printing techniques.

If you’re in the market for a versatile, cost-effective container for vitamins, check out flexible pouches as a potential solution.

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