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How to Get the Physical Appearance You Desire

How to Get the Physical Appearance You Desire
Written by Susan Vernicek

What transformations are you working towards? What are you celebrating today?

Your physical appearance; your smile, shine, and sexiness—all stem from your MIND, thoughts, and day-day-day actions .

Somebody asked me about my results this past week. They actually said…(and I’m honored) “I’m inspired by your results and your words. But, I’m REALLY inspired when you show visuals.”

I get it, we love to SEE evidence and I try to mix up my social media so that you can learn ALL about who I am. I have MANY AWESOME LAYERS and have overcome so much over the past 11 years—it’s important to me to share all that I can with you SO that YOU can try the same tools for your goals.

Physical Results

I shared within my Instagram and FaceBook stories this past week that the physical results come from my mindset, thoughts, feelings, and self-trust…..and I teach all of this because so often us women think we need to try all the fad diets or deprive ourselves in the kitchen.

We don’t. You don’t.

What you do need are a stricter MIND and more self-trust. Your results start with your mindset—-then the tools to support your work and goals.

I’m proud of finding a solution and making the decision to not let myself down anymore. To not wait anymore for love, happiness, weight loss, health, success, confidence——results!

Below are photos of a day when I was not taking care of myself and a picture from this morning.

How to Get the Physical Appearance You Desire

I feel strong and in control.

🙌🏻No more rock bottom…
🙌🏻No more starting over…
🙌🏻No more excuses…
🙌🏻No more waiting

What transformations are you working towards? What are you celebrating today?  

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With over 13 years of experience and overcoming my own emotional, financial, and physical rock bottom, I’m now thriving as a Mompreneur myself.

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