4 Common Problems in New Marriages

4 Common Problems in New Marriages
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Written by Carol Trehearn

23% of couples arguing over money, financial issues are one of the big determiners of divorce.

Although new marriages are often in the honeymoon stage of a relationship, not every marriage is able to sustain a happy ever after for long. Some marriages can feel as if they are going wrong before they have even begun.

However, with the right perception about the common problems that appear in new marriages, it is possible to come to a solution about what best to do for the benefit of both you and your partner.

Lies Prior to Marriage

Although it is likely that you will feel as if you know your partner intimately before you tie the knot, this is not always the case, and some lies may arise after a marriage that has gone previously unknown to you. There are many different lies that can underpin a marriage, and these include lies such as their age, partner, and even whether they are a close relative.

However, if your partner has lied to you about certain issues before marriage, it is possible that you will be able to get an annulment. The conditions for annulment are varied and contain issues. As an example, if your partner is under 16, if the marriage was performed under duress, if fraud was involved in the marriage, if they are undergoing a gender transition, or if they have become pregnant by another man.

If your marriage meets any of these criteria and you wish to end it on these grounds, you should contact a legal firm who can help you with getting an annulment.


Infidelity is more common than expected in new marriages due to aspects such as jealousy and commitment struggles. If you believe that you are unable to stay together after the affair, most states will allow you to divorce as long as you give a reason for the separation. Some still legally demand fault to be asserted to one of the parties before a divorce is granted.

If you are using your spouse’s adultery as a reason for divorce, you must give direct or circumstantial evidence proving the cheating. Such as a witness or picture, or information about your spouse that shows that they had the opportunity and inclination to cheat.

Lack of Communication

Communication is also a large issue between couples, and it can be difficult to reconcile. There are many ways that you can actively attempt to communicate with your partner effectively. Such as making marriage plans, openly discussing your future, or changing the way that you speak to each other, such as forgoing accusatory statements.

However, If none of these methods are working, then you may consider resorting to marriage counseling in certain situations, which encourages you to communicate and actively talk through your issues; with a licensed third party.

Financial Issues

With 23% of couples arguing over money, financial issues are one of the big determiners of divorce. However, you can proactively combat this issue by creating a joint budget, having separate bank accounts, and finances. Discuss any financial strain that you are under efficiently and calmly.

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