5 Ideas for the Perfect Housewarming Gifts

5 Ideas for the Perfect Housewarming Gifts
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Written by Eliza Picot

Become a part of this new chapter by gifting your friend or family member with a sentimental housewarming gift that they’re sure to adore

Becoming a homeowner is a huge accomplishment that demands a history of diligent saving and a future filled with serious responsibilities. Between keeping up with property taxes, mortgage payments, and necessary maintenance, your friend or loved one is guaranteed to experience a major lifestyle shift upon purchasing a home.

But now that escrow has closed, the keys are in hand, and the furniture is installed, it’s not time to worry about what’s to come. Now is the time to put their new home to use for exactly what it was purchased for making memories!

Become a part of this new chapter by gifting your friend or family member with a sentimental housewarming gift that they’re sure to adore. By carefully choosing the perfect present, you can make your love and support a permanent fixture in their home—they’ll think of you charmingly every time they walk by!

5 Ideas for the Perfect Housewarming Gifts

Kitchen Must-Haves

Stand Mixer – You can spot the iconic KitchenAid stand mixer a million miles away; this iconic, countertop classic is the prized possession of every aspiring Martha Stewart since it hit the homemaker scene in 1919. The strategic design allows you to mix hands-free while you tend to whatever else is cooking.

Its power hub fits over 10 different attachments that go far beyond baking and allow you to make everything from ripe veggie noodles to freshly ground meat. Added bonus: The extra attachments mean you that you’re set on future gift ideas for years!

Ninja Kitchen System

I’ve raved about the Ninja Kitchen 1200 before and I’ll say it again: this appliance has been an absolute staple in my kitchen for years now. It’s the ultimate chopping machine for green smoothies and all my favorite cooking ingredients. I love how much time it saves me and how incredibly friendly it is to use—your new homeowner will agree!


If you’re looking for a more affordable housewarming gift, check to see if your loved one is registered with any retailers. If they are, they’ve certainly added practical items to their wish list that are necessary for turning a kitchen into a home.

You’ll find everything between matching dish sets to quirky apple cutters, which gives you the option to shop within your budget. To make your gift more touching and less generic, you can always shop CanvasPeople personalized gifts and customize a coffee mug with a favorite picture of your choosing.

Tasteful Décor

The Night Sky

Speaking of personalization, have you heard of the custom star map you can have designed that reflects the exact night sky as seen from a specific location, date, and time in space?

We think it can be pretty risky to pick out home décor for a humble abode that’s not yours unless it came from the registry, as interior design tastes range dramatically.

But if you’re celebrating a recent newlywed couple, a print showcasing the exact starry sky on the night they exchanged their vows will make it easy to incorporate art that everyone can agree on.

Cutting-Edge Tech

Voice-Activated Assistant

You might be resisting the urge to tap into the smart home market, but once you do, there is sincerely no going back. You can pick up an Amazon Alexa or Google Home at a pretty low price and open a world of opportunities for your new homeowner.

There are all sorts of technology hacks that you can do with these voice-activated speakers that double as virtual assistants.

Here are a few examples of some commands you can say:

“Lock the front door, Turn on the living room lights”
“What’s the temperature in the kitchen?”
“Turn on the air conditioning”
“Purchase more paper towels”
“What time is the sunset?”
“Set my alarm for 7:30 AM tomorrow morning”
“Call Mom’s house”

The more skills you enable and smart home devices you integrate with your speaker, the more advanced commands you’ll be able to perform. The TP-Link Smart Bulb, for example, allows you to turn your lights off while you’re away from home. It’s so it doesn’t look dark and vacant to possible intruders. Forgot to lock the front door? You can control that from your phone while away, too!

Homeownership is a huge undertaking, so help them settle in with one of these thoughtful gifts that display your care and support.

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