Workplace Health Issues You Need to Consider

Workplace Health Issues You Need to Consider
Written by Noelle Kelly

When you think of possible hazards on the job, most people picture a construction site, not health issues. However, working in an office can also affect your health, both physically and mentally.


Stress can cause serious health issues over time. If you constantly feel pressure to complete assignments or produce sales, you may end up working long hours and not get adequate sleep.

Stress can also elevate your blood pressure, cause mental anguish and cause you to develop dependencies like alcohol or drugs to escape the daily pressures.  Thankfully, you are in control of your life. And, if your job is causing serious health problems, it may be time to look for another one. 

Slips and Falls

Unlike a construction site where the risk for injury is always at the forefront, in an office space most people come and go without giving any thought to being injured.

However, the most common office injury is a slip and fall. It can happen at the office entrance due to inclement weather, by the cafeteria or coffee bar, or even at the water cooler. It can also occur due to unaddressed repairs for flooring or steps. 

The good news is that, should you become seriously injured on the job, you can collect worker’s compensation. If that proves less than fair, you can also speak with an attorney who specializes in personal injuries like Schwartzpfel Lawyers in New York, to see if you have a case. 

Lack of Movement

In the office, you sit in a chair for most of the day. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems with your health. The body is not designed to sit for long periods of time and sitting for six to eight hours can cause raised levels of blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol.

As a direct result, you put yourself at risk for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and even some types of cancer. On the plus side, you can do things to avoid having health issues later on. First, make it a point to get up and stretch every 15 to 20 minutes. Second, take breaks.

Go to the water cooler or take a walk upstairs or downstairs just because. Third, when you go to lunch, don’t just sit at your desk. Get up, go outdoors, and take a long brisk walk. 


The way you sit can affect your health. Sitting properly and displaying good posture can prevent unnecessary stress on the body. If you don’t sit straight up with your shoulders square, you can cause your body to work harder to perform normal functions (like breathing).

Over time, poor posture can lead to a slumped over position even while standing or walking which will lead to spinal problems. Luckily, you can prevent any permanent changes to your body’s physical appearance by practicing good posture. When you start to feel your body leaned over the computer, stop and sit up straight. 

Mental Health

The workplace can take a toll on your mental health, but it doesn’t have to. Instead of taking your breaks and eating lunch inside, go outdoors. The fresh air will help to stimulate and energize you.

It will also help you clear your mind. Staying in the same place without ever leaving can cause you to lose focus and feel tired, especially after lunch.

Additionally, try to eat healthy, lighter foods such as salad, nuts, and fruit to eliminate that sluggish feeling. 


Unfortunately some people, despite feeling a little under the weather, will still go to work. This can cause you to catch frequent colds. A good way to protect yourself, especially when you work in close proximity to co-workers, is to wash your hands often and wipe your workspace down at the end of each day. 

The office can be a safe and healthy environment if you take the proper sets to promote your health and well-being.

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