10 Gifts for a White Elephant Party That Everyone Will Love

10 Gifts for a White Elephant Party That Everyone Will Love
Written by Eliza Picot

Tackle your white elephant shopping with confidence.

The white elephant party game is an age-old tradition in which participants each bring a wrapped gift to a holiday party and subsequently fight over them.

From funny and earnest gifts to those you wouldn’t want to open in front of your mother, the type of presents people bring exist on an exceptionally vast spectrum. While the game is best characterized by participants swapping and stealing gifts, everyone walks away with something in the end.

Fortunately for you, there’s no overthinking involved when you’re searching for a white elephant gift to contribute to the madness. It’s this very lax nature of the game that makes the gift-buying kind of fun!

You won’t need to dish out more than $25 for a great present worth a laugh or smile, and you won’t have to worry about the recipient’s reaction since it’s a totally random picking and choosing process.

So if your office, yacht club, or Wine Wednesday gals are planning a white elephant game this year, here’s a list of our favorite gift ideas under $20.

Chia Pet

Chia Pets may have outlived their heyday, but they have lasted today to live as amazingly hilarious white elephant gifts. Go for something cute like a Chia Pet puppy or opt for something outlandish like a Chia Pet poop emoji!

Funky socks

Funny socks are sure to be instant crowd-pleasers since no one can ever have too many pairs of socks. A classic pair of Star Wars socks will speak to everyone’s inner nerd while a pair of ice cream socks are sweet enough to eat.

Shower beer holder

Few things compare to the feeling of warm water trickling down your body as you indulge in your favorite can of beer. Give a friend or a colleague the gift of some in-shower relaxation that goes beyond a sweet-scented body wash or facial cleanser.

Sriracha keychain combo

Someone within your friend group or workplace is bound to be a hot sauce lover, so a Sriracha keychain container is a wonderfully thoughtful idea should they end up with it. Not only are they bright red and green accents to an otherwise boring keychain assembly, but they’re also TSA-friendly and BPA-free.

Bob Ross heat changing mug

The recipient of a highly-valuable Bob Ross heat changing mug is bound to enjoy their morning cup of Joe, even on the dreariest Mondays. When it’s cold, Bob’s canvas is black and empty. When filled with coffee or hot tea, the blank canvas transforms into a colorful landscape painting.

Golden Girls shot glasses

If there were any four ladies who demonstrated the true meaning of friendship, it was Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia, and Rose. A set of four shot glasses embellished with the Golden Girls’ faces make for a great gift regardless of the recipient. Who wouldn’t want a shot glass with Betty White’s mug on it?!

Cards against humanity

Cards Against Humanity

As one of the most popular card games today, Cards Against Humanity has earned its reputation as one of the most enjoyable games for people with a naughty mind. The gameplay is simple and can be enjoyed with a large group of friends. The laughs are endless with this game on deck.

Cannabis scented candle

Whether you know someone off the top of your head or have an inkling that someone in your social circle or board of colleagues is a fan of the herb, a cannabis scented candle may be the way to their heart, should they choose their gift correctly.

Desktop cornhole

Everyone needs a mental break sometimes, and everyone loves a good game of cornhole. Get the best of both worlds by gifting someone the cutest and smallest game of desktop cornhole. Equipped with tiny beanbags and a board, whoever secures this gift will never be bored at work again.

In My Humble Opinion adult journal

Though the days of journaling away about teenage crushes and arguments with parents may be long gone (and thank goodness for that!), becoming an adult doesn’t mean you need to let out all of your emotions is satiated. This hilarious journal is a self-proclaimed blank book where venting is encouraged.

Tackle your white elephant shopping with confidence knowing that you’ve picked out a gift that will be a standout hit no matter who is on the receiving end.

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