How to Cleanse Your Home After a Divorce

How to Cleanse Your Home After a Divorce
Written by Mia Morales

It can be difficult to figure out what to do with shared space following a divorce. You want to turn a place that was once shared, into a beautiful haven for you. We recommend starting with professional house cleaning services to scrub and leave your home sparkling, before turning to the larger and more physical aspects. If you are struggling with how to reinvent your living space after your ex-spouse is out of the house, here are some tips to making it truly yours again, so you can enjoy coming home at the end of the day. 

Get Rid of Personal Their Items

Although it will no doubt be overwhelming to go through possessions that your ex left behind, the process can be therapeutic and improve your quality of life in the long run, especially while you are still healing from the trauma of a divorce.

If you find items that you know hold particular value to your ex, it may be pertinent to give them back rather than throw them away. For disposable items like toothpaste and deodorant, it is best to trash them. Once you purge your space of their items, it will be easier to start with a clean slate. 

Consider Replacing Your Mattress

Another good way to remove the presence of your ex-spouse from your home is to replace important items that both of you shared. For instance, if you are wondering what to do with old mattress, there are many companies that will remove your mattress for you if you decide to donate it. Shelters and youth centers can always benefit from gently used mattresses for their residents.

Make sure that your mattress is in relatively good condition before contacting people about donating it. If your mattress is not in good condition, you can responsibly recycle it as well. 

Spoil Yourself with Something New

A big shift in your life is always a great opportunity to redecorate, and if you have spare funds, then it may be a great idea to purchase some new items for yourself after your ex-spouse moves out of the home. It is important to consider the size of your space and make a list of furniture pieces you have had an eye on or always wanted.

Try to find pieces that will stand the test of time and hold up through several years of use, to get the most out of your investment. Bringing in new decorative pieces that you love will certainly help you to reclaim the space and begin to make it truly your own. 

Master the Art of Feng Shui

Feng shui, or the art of arranging your home in a manner that complements spacial energy flows, has had a resurgence of popularity in the twenty-first century.

Part of feng shui is paying attention to areas of your home that are not used very often and could do with renovations, which in turn will create an overall positive flow of chi, or energy, throughout your home. Shifting the placement of small objects can play a huge role in changing the energy in the entire house.

Having a space that was once shared with yourself following a breakup can be difficult. With these tips, you can find happiness in redesigning your home according to what you desire. 

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