Money Saving Tips for a Curvy Fashionista

Emma Sneddon
Written by Emma Sneddon

Looking for some great plus size clothes to flatter your body, and also stay within your budget? Inter-twine these money-saving tips and see a significant change in your closet!

Is it possible for a curvy fashion enthusiast to save money on cloth purchasing and still stay on trend? It may seem unlikely, but the answer is – it is possible! To keep a healthy balance between money and trends – here are some life-hacks you don’t want to miss out on.

See these money-saving tips while not giving up on your style.

Shop from an online clearance sale

As a promotional inventory management tool, shopping online clearance sale is a win for both the business and the price-conscious consumers. Keep track of major annual or semi-annual sales beforehand. You can find your desirable dresses half of the price in a matter of months delay. This will help you to save money while looking for the latest in plus size fashion.

Go for machine-washable clothes

While shopping, check the tags of the clothes to check whether the clothes are only for dry-cleaning or not. If the label says, “dry clean only’, proceed with precaution. Because, whether you have chemical sensitivities or not, dry-cleaning usually costs way more than hand washing or machine washing.

Consider going for comfortable fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, rayon/viscose, polyester etc.

Try online shopping

Online clothing shops can reduce your monthly expenses significantly. You can surf and explore way more online and compare the prices of your products easily without being deceived. And moreover, today’s internet is crammed with websites which offer automated price comparison as well.

Put the old clothes on sale

The minimalist approach towards your lifestyle is at times the best way of saving money. Clothes that are out of style and just laying inside your closet for months, drop them off at a flea or consignment shop. You won’t just start earning money from your old clothes but also declutter your lifestyle at the same time.

Purchase clothes from a wholesale clothing company

Purchasing clothes in bulk from wholesale clothing sellers are always more cost-effective with more varieties. Out of numerous plus-size clothing options you can choose yours, with also the in right sizes.

Many wholesaling companies offer special discounts or free delivery if a certain quantity of purchases is done.

To save money and also to stay in style, hop into an offline or online plus size clothing stores, where you can get exclusive designer plus-size outfits at attractive prices.

Involve yourself with a charity supported thrift shop

Branded or designer accessories in half the price- thrift shopping will never fail to surprise you. And moreover, thrift stores make it easier to understand where your money is going. Thrift shopping has become an impactful social aspect since this shopping is mostly for fundraising purposes.

Go for a flash sale: Buy more clothes at a time

It may sound very much counterintuitive, but in actuality- it can be a quick money-saving getaway. When you step on a clothing store when the flash sale is on, check the price tag and purchase multiple tops or Kamis with distinctive colours, patterns and nature. Camis, tops or tunics go with all kinds of palazzos or pants.

And purchasing more clothes in one go will save the transportation cost and also your temptation to hop into a store for longer.

Once you figure out your ways to rock with your style, you won’t have to run after that’s trending, because you make it on your own! So now it’s time for you to pare down the wardrobe that costs your style and aesthetics, and not your money. Inter-twine the money-saving tips above and see a significant change in your closet!

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