5 Great Jobs for First-Time Employees

5 Great Jobs for First-Time Employees
Written by Mia Morales

Applying for your first job should not be overwhelming.

Applying for your first job can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience! You may be a teenager looking for a summer job or a recent graduate ready to enter the workforce. But if you have not had a job before, where should you apply?

There are, thankfully, there are many entry-level opportunities out there for first-time workers. Once you have filled out a resume with lists of your skills, education and volunteer experience, you are ready to get looking. Not sure where to start? Try searching for openings in these five industries.

Pet and Animal Services

If you love animals, you should look for first-time job opportunities at dog daycares, veterinary offices, and animal shelters. Passionate about being active? A job as a dog-walker is a great way to get exercise in on the job. Love spending time with animals?

Working as a daycare attendant or dog shelter assistant may be a great fit for you. Often, these entry-level positions include a mix of manual labor and cleaning skills.

Alongside those skills, providing proper physical and mental exercise for different kinds of animals. They can teach responsibility and empathy while offering a very rewarding experience for those who are doing the work. 

The Food Industry

It almost goes without saying that the food industry is a very strong option for first-time employees. Whether you work as a host, waitress, cook, or dishwasher, working in the food industry can teach you valuable lessons in communication and professionalism.

Before you apply to your favorite chain or bistro, make sure to check the requirements. For example, googling something like ‘required age to work at chick fil a’ may be useful if you are still in high school. Checking employment age restrictions in your state or region may also help you determine whether you are eligible to start working.  


If you enjoy caring for others or are too young to apply for a formal position, babysitting is an excellent way to get work experience. Whether you put up posters at your local library or daycare or offer your services to family, friends, or neighbors, you can earn a little money on the side while learning important lessons in responsibility.

By taking care of someone else’s child, you will also have to learn how to communicate well, how to care for others, and how to manage your time. It can be helpful to have certifications in CPR and basic First Aid when applying to be someone’s babysitter.

Experience interacting with young children is also a plus, though many people (especially those that already know you) may not consider that a requirement.

On-Campus Customer Service

If you are a student at a college (or even if you are in high school), there may be opportunities to work on your campus. Often, positions as office administrators do not require extensive work experience. Those kinds of positions can help you learn organizational and teamwork skills as well as skills in task management.

Working as an assistant in your school library is another great option, especially if you are a book-lover. And of course, entry-level positions are often available in university bookstores, cafes, and restaurants, all of which can help you gain experience in customer service and help you get better at managing your time.


Being a lifeguard is a great first job option, especially for high-schoolers looking for summer jobs or college students looking for something part-time. Becoming a lifeguard does require you to take and pass a series of training courses that earn you various certificates in lifesaving, CPR, and First Aid.

However, those certifications can lead to a job that pays a little bit better than minimum wage. A job as a lifeguard can teach you big lessons in responsibility, care for others, and how to enforce rules. Depending on where you work, you may also have the chance to help kids learn how to swim. 

Applying for your first job should not be overwhelming.

Check out your local listings for openings in these five areas, and you may be surprised by what you find!

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