The Best Baby Shower Gifts to Buy

The Best Baby Shower Gifts to Buy
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You can make a new parent’s life easier by giving them one of the gifts mentioned below.

New babies need a lot of things. If you are going to a baby shower, you may not be sure just what to get for the new baby. It is always a good idea to get something practical. This will make the new parent’s life a whole lot easier.

Here are seven of the best baby shower gifts to buy that are very practical for new parents.

Baby Toiletries

You can’t go wrong by giving the gift of baby toiletries. Things like lotion, diaper cream, and shampoo will all go to good use. Many babies do have sensitive skin so you might want to consider purchasing items that are natural and free of dyes and perfumes.

A Baby Bag

Parents need a place to put all of their baby’s stuff when they are on the go. A diaper bag tote is a great option. This type of bag is stylish, and it can fit everything that a baby needs when they are away from their home.

There are a variety of different sizes and colors to choose from. This makes it easy to find the perfect diaper bag tote for a new parent.

Feeding Items

A baby will spend a lot of their waking hours eating. This makes feeding items a practical baby shower gift. You can give things like bottles, bibs and bottle brushes.

You could also give them feeding items that they can use when they are older such as utensils, bowls and sippy cups.


Babies will go through a lot of diapers in their first years of life. You really can’t go wrong by giving diapers as a baby shower gift. However, you might want to choose larger sized diapers.

Parents do often get an abundance of diapers that are in newborn sizes. Babies can grow out of these diapers quickly. This is why you should purchase diapers that are at least a size one or two.

Burp Cloths

Babies spit up a lot. New parents are often surprised at how many burp cloths they need. They often don’t have a lot of time to do a load of laundry, so it is helpful to have a lot of burp cloths so they don’t run out.

Restaurant Gift Cards

New parents don’t have a lot of time to cook. They may find themselves ordering take-out quite a bit. If you give them a restaurant gift card at their baby shower, they will be very grateful.

Make sure you choose a restaurant that will deliver to their house. You might also want to include a menu with the gift card so they can easily find what they want to eat even when they are tending to the needs of their baby.

Swaddle Blankets

New babies like to be swaddled in a blanket. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to figure out just how to swaddle them correctly with a typical blanket.

You can help a new parent by giving them swaddle blankets. These types of blankets are designed specifically for swaddling a baby, and they take all of the guesswork out of it.

Becoming a parent can be both wonderful and challenging. You can make a new parent’s life easier by giving them one of the gifts mentioned above. By doing so, you will ensure that you give them a gift that is practical and will be used frequently.

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