5 Tips for Saving Energy While on Vacation

5 Tips for Saving Energy While on Vacation

Simple actions like closing the blinds and curtains before you leave can save a lot of energy in the home

Planning for a vacation is often exciting and requires advanced preparation. The preparation may include booking of transportation, accommodation, and activities. However, it is also essential to plan for energy conservation in your home while you’re away.

There are simple ways to reduce energy consumption while on vacation, as listed below:

Close the Curtains and Blinds

Simple actions like closing the blinds and curtains before you leave can save a lot of energy in the home. Typically, the curtains remain open the entire day and let in sun rays that keep the rooms quite warm.

However, when curtains are closed, the rooms remain cool and will not require the use of the HVAC to lower the temperature when you return from vacation. If possible, install darker curtains that keep light and sun rays from getting in your home.

Unplug Electrical Devices

Turning off the electrical appliances when leaving for vacation is not enough. It is essential to walk through the entire home and unplug all electrical devices from the sockets and power points.

The unplugging ensures that the existing battery or energy within the device isn’t drained, resulting in wasted energy. Wasted energy can add up your energy costs while on vacation, making it important to ensure everything is unplugged.

Adjust Thermostat Settings

Turning up your thermostat when going on vacation saves a lot of energy. It is estimated that adjusting the settings on your thermostat for eight hours every day saves you up to 10 percent of cooling costs. Heating costs are also substantially reduced when thermostat settings are adjusted accordingly.

You could also install a smart HVAC product that can be controlled remotely using a smartphone. The system can be installed by professionals that offer AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Lower Water Heater Temperature

The lower the temperature of your water heater when on vacation, the higher the amount of energy conserved. Ensure that your heater is set to vacation mode so that its standby losses are reduced, thereby saving a lot of energy and costs.

Anything below 120 degrees is acceptable for water heaters, as the energy consumed is less than 10 percent, which is good for anyone on vacation. If possible, have the water heater disconnected and then have the reconnection done by HVAC professionals when you return. 

Use Programmable Lighting

Putting lights off when on vacation saves money and energy regardless of the duration you will be away. However, some homeowners prefer to leave some lights in their home or vacation property as part of their security measures.

However, most incandescent bulbs consume a lot of energy that can be otherwise avoided. It is for this reason that homeowners should invest in smart lighting systems that allow them to control lighting remotely. You can schedule the lighting to ensure the lights come on at night and go off during the day, thus conserving energy.

Applying the tips listed above will save you a lot of energy at home while you enjoy your vacation. 

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