Affordable Options for a Destination Wedding

Affordable Options for a Destination Wedding
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Make sure this decision is one that you share with your spouse-to-be to make sure you are both on the same page.

Destination weddings are on the rise. These weddings are exciting because they allow you and your guests to experience something completely different, making this wedding much more special.

The only thing you have to figure out is where to go, which is why you should consider the following budget-friendly locations.


The Golden State is notorious for having a high cost of living, but visitors to California often discover their trip is more affordable than they expected. With that said, pulling off an affordable destination wedding in California may still require careful planning to ensure budget-friendly choices for the party and guests.

When it comes to finding a place in California for a destination wedding, look no further than America’s Finest City. A San Diego wedding is more affordable than most people might think. This is because this city is smaller, and the cost of living there is more reasonable.

Those who are hoping to have great weather, wonderful vistas, a beach nearby, and still stay on budget should definitely put California back on your list as long as you’re thinking of a city like San Diego.


Another great wedding destination is Belize. There are a lot of places worth staying at, such as Belize City, which is home to all sorts of wonderful small venues where you can have an intimate wedding.

Now, there aren’t a lot of luxury locations in this country, but the modest venues are more than good enough, and they are much cheaper than you can imagine.

The tickets are pretty much the same as it would cost to go to Mexico, but Belize is generally more affordable upon arrival. It should be pointed out that one of the most popular foods in Belize is lobster, but you get to buy it at a cheaper price so that you can eat like royalty at a fraction of the price.


Most destination weddings in this state take place in heavily populated cities like Miami or Tampa, but there are other cities that are a little smaller and can still host a beautiful wedding in Florida.

Locations with a lot of charm exist along the entire coastline of the state, with Destin being one of the most popular.

Destin has a few wedding venues and hotels, some of which are pretty spectacular, so give yourself time to find the right one for your wedding. Florida does have pretty good temperatures throughout the year, so the likelihood of having a beautiful day is high. Just make sure to steer clear of hurricane season.

Dominican Republic

Those who want an affordable location should consider a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, located on the island of Hispaniola in the Carribean. This is a wonderful place to visit, and you’re going to see some spectacular views if you do go.

The food in the Dominican Republic is very affordable. The wedding venues are affordable, and flights are quite common. Make sure you don’t go during hurricane season, even if you are tempted to since ticket prices are sometimes more affordable then. You can make your wedding quite spectacular without breaking the bank at this location.


This is a state known for greenery, beautiful landscapes, and quaint little towns. You are going to find all of that and more in Vermont if you give it a chance. Part of the reason some venues are so affordable is due to the fact they’re located in small towns.

A destination wedding to a small town is going to feel pretty special and intimate, which is what you want. Burlington is one of the state’s biggest cities, and it is brimming with life. There is a lot to love about Vermont, and there is a lot of romance to be had.

Hopefully, these options interest you for your destination wedding. Make sure this decision is one that you share with your spouse-to-be to make sure you are both on the same page.

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