How to Improve Your Brain and Body

How to Improve Your Brain and Body
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Making sure you spend enough time resting and relaxing properly is important for mental and physical health.

How often do you nurture your brain and body? In today’s fast-paced world, we are constantly on the go, striving for continual improvement, and trying to take the next step up the social or corporate ladder.

Stated otherwise, we are not really allowed to take things slow, feel tired, or want a break from the tidal wave of stress and pressure to be even better. 

Go, Go, Go

Despite this “go, go, go” lifestyle affording us professional achievements or status in our social circle, the “always-on” lifestyle is unsustainable and can lead to burning out.  

Our minds and our bodies are the only ones we’ve got in this lifetime, and they need support in order to thrive in the harsh environments we thrust them into our days.

If we truly want to be at our best, it is important that we pay attention to the messages we are receiving from our minds and physical body. The answer to avoiding falling down that dark path is in understanding the importance of rest and relaxation.

R & R

Rest can be created anywhere; when work or movement is stopped in order to sleep or recover, we are said to be resting. We rest when we are tired when we sleep at night, or when we take time to stop thinking.

Without sufficient sleep, our bodies suffer a variety of physical and cognitive impacts. Good sleep is one of the most important ways we can ensure we are resting appropriately.  

Believe it or not, pajamas can make or break a good night’s sleep.  It may seem easiest to wear an old, tired-out T-shirt to hit the hay in, but if you’re investing in your mattress, your sheets, and the pillows you lay your head on, why wouldn’t you give your pajamas the same level of attention?

Think about it: they’re the closest thing to your body, and slipping into the right ones at night will not only put you in the mood to catch some ZZZ’s, but make the ZZZ’s caught of higher quality.

Balancing Acts

Happy people help their bodies work with them, instead of fighting against them. Happy individuals are more conscious such as; putting the fork down when their belly has had enough, instead of forcing down another helping, attending a yoga class to release energy, not yelling at the driver who accidentally cut them off; drinking a glass of water, instead of that third or fourth martini at happy hour with the coworkers.

These are all different examples of listening to what the body has to say and letting it work with us, rather than against us.


Releasing tension and refreshing the mind is the basis of relaxation. Relaxing in our mind’s way of rejuvenating, and usually happens when we are awake, but at peace.

Engaging in activities we truly enjoy has been shown to improve our mood and cognitive functioning. From decision making and memory to lowering the risk of depression and anxiety, relaxing is one of the best things we can do for the health of our body and mind.

Making sure you spend enough time resting and relaxing properly is important for mental and physical health.  Making sleep a down-time priority, and ensuring that there is dedicated time in the day to relax and decompress are sure-fire ways to keep your mind and body performing at optimal levels. 

Remember, in order to give your best, you have to be at your best. If you do not look after your mind and body, how can you expect them to look after you? 

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