How to Look Your Absolute Best This Holiday Season

How to Look Your Absolute Best This Holiday Season
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Take steps to look your best, so that when the photos hit social media, you’re comfortable because you showed up for your self-care.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year. It’s when family members and friends come together to share in the joy of the season. However, for some people, happiness often disappears and stress takes over because you fear not looking your best.

No despair, you have plenty of time to care for yourself and acquire some new clothing to match your new look. 

Shop for New Clothes 

There’s nothing worse than reaching into your closet and pulling out a cute dress  — one that you’ve only worn a handful of times, only to find that it no longer fits.

Instead of hoping that you will fit into the dress for the holidays, go out and shop for a new one. Full figure dresses are plentiful and there are so many beautiful colors and styles! You can shop online or at your local stores. Pair your new dress with pretty heels and fashionable leggings or stockings for an awesome finish.   

Lose a Few Pounds 

If you look in the mirror and find that you have gained a lot of weight over the past year, losing a few pounds will provide you with a great pick-me-up. Forget about going on a fasting diet, they don’t work and are really unhealthy. Instead, be realistic.

You can lose 10-15 lbs., but don’t try to lose all the weight in just a month or two, it just won’t work. Cut out the high-calorie foods and enjoy healthy meals without sauces and gravies. Learn to enjoy your food and eat slowly

Start a Workout Routine 

There’s no time better than the present to get your body into shape. A low-impact workout is ideal for those who have not done any kind of exercise for a few years.

Take up a yoga class or join a gym and use the exercise machines and other equipment. If you prefer not to work out around others, an early morning run or a long brisk walk can offer similar results. 

Change Your Look 

If your hairstyle is the same as it was 20 years earlier, now’s a great time to change your look. Schedule an appointment at the salon and go through their books of hairstyles.

Then ask the hairdresser which style they believe best fits your face shape and facial features. You can add highlights or change the hair color completely. While you’re at it, why not also get your eyebrows done or get a manicure? 

Improve Your Smile 

Let’s face it: today’s holiday gatherings involve many up-close and personal photos. Having yellow stains on your teeth is not attractive. Luckily, you can fix this. There are all sorts of teeth whitening strips available. Check the reviews to see what customers think about them ahead of the purchase.

Your smile involves your lips too, so make sure to protect them while you are outdoors with a medicated lip balm. This will help to prevent the appearance of dryness. 

Start Drinking Water 

The benefits of water are endless. It can help you lose weight by offering a false sense of fullness, help you fight headaches and it keeps your internal organs functioning properly.

Drinking enough water also improves the overall look of your skin which, with the holidays rapidly approaching, is a good thing. Try to drink at least six 8 oz. bottles daily or at least half your body weight in ounces.

End Bad Habits 

Bad habits are harmful to your body and can show visibly. Smoking cigarettes, for instance, makes you pull your lips tight together creating deep wrinkles and, in many cases, prematurely which gives you an older-than-you-are appearance. Drinking too much can also create a beer belly and redness in the face. 

The holidays are a great time to catch up with family members and friends. Take steps to look your best, so that when the photos hit social media, you’re comfortable because you showed up for your self-care.


This time of year is about celebrating life, love, family, and friends. So be sure to enjoy the holidays and not let the insecurities take over. Make the daily effort to fit in self-care and be proud of your effort. Celebrate your new habits going into the New Year.

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