Tips for Keeping Your Business Secure

Tips for Keeping Your Business Secure
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The threat of a cyberattack grows each day, and this is not something limited to large companies.

Technology is a wonderful thing. However, Businesses thanks to technology comes at a cost. Unfortunately, for many business owners, that cost is already realized. Cybercrimes are on the rise and sadly, small business owners are the primary target.

Thankfully, there are ways to improve your security measures and make it much harder to obtain your company’s personal and sensitive information. 

Protect all Devices 

Today many businesses both small and large allow their employees to use their own devices. While it makes life convenient on all fronts, it also opens the door to a greater risk of a cyberattack. iPhones, laptops, and iPads owned by employees are not always used solely for work.

This can create a way for criminals to get inside, and once there, gain access to the company’s information. This is why it’s critical that before you allow someone to use their own devices, that you have a strict policy in place. 

Not all Businesses are the Same 

When it comes to securing company and client information, not all businesses are the same. For instance, if you own a small business with only a couple of employees, your measures of security for sensitive information will be quite different than someone who owns a medical office.

An owner of the latter has strict codes of ethics that must be adhered to at all times. For this reason, many of these health care facilities have a HITRUST Certification to demonstrate to the state that they are in compliance with standards to control and safeguard personal information. 

Know Your Staff 

While you don’t ever want to think that someone who works for you would ever steal sensitive information, it happens. Giving everyone the same access to all of your company’s departments is a huge mistake that can ultimately burn you.

Instead, give a select few employees who you trust the passcodes to access sensitive company and client information. This way should information leak you’ll have only a few people to question, versus the entire staff. 

Security Cameras 

Let’s face it, in the middle of the day will a full staff, deliveries, and important meetings, who’s really monitoring what’s going on in your office? With high-tech security cameras, you can see at random what everyone is doing.

For instance, if you have someone fixing the heating and cooling system, you can monitor their work. You receive package deliveries, and you can monitor where the delivery people go and when they leave. And, it also lets you keep an eye on your business after hours and while you are away. 

Difficult Passwords 

Hackers have a knack for cracking codes. However, truth be told, you don’t make it that difficult to figure out. Your family and pets are dear to you. However, they should never be part of your password.

Instead, make it something that even you have to work to remember. Then, make sure that only one or two people know the code. 


The threat of a cyberattack grows each day, and this is not something limited to large companies. A great way to ensure that sensitive and personal information remain exactly that is to have it encrypted. Many companies big and small are already onboard.

Even in the event that a hacker gets into your system, they won’t be able to obtain this type of information. This helps you and helps to reduce the prospect of getting sued by a client or a customer. 


While no one wants to believe that their business will be the next target, putting measures in place is a preemptive way to avoid that type of outcome.

Malware and ransomware attacks are no longer something that only happens to someone else. Make sure that every employee knows the security policies in place and that they abide by them, always. 

You worked hard to get where you are today, a successful business owner. Don’t let a lack of security measures cost you everything.

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