6 Tips for Preventing Expensive HVAC Repairs

6 Tips for Preventing Expensive HVAC Repairs

There are simple measures that you can take when you want to minimize costs on your AC.

Harsh weather conditions take a toll on your AC system. This can lead to the breaking down and replacement of your HVAC system, which is costly. To avoid this expenditure, try these cost-preventive measures.

Maintain Annual Checkups

Have your HVAC system inspected by a professional annually. Frequent AC inspection averts your equipment from breaking down. When an expert examines your AC, he or she is likely to spot defects before they develop, thus saving you an unexpected repair bill. Maintenance keeps your system running at optimum, and the energy cost is reduced.

Clean Your Filter Frequently

Clogged air filters freeze and thaw, causing water damage to your AC. Air filters should be cleaned to prevent an untimely breakdown and expensive repairs.

If you have a pet in your household, clean the filter every month, as pets bring in a lot of dirt. To clean reusable filters, use a soft piece of fabric, mild soap, and water.

Inspect the Condensers and Heat Pumps

Exterior condensers and heat pumps get dirty quickly. When you have a clogged condenser, the chances of the internal components of the AC spoiling are high. To identify a clogged condenser, look for puddles of water under your air cooler.

Clogging can be avoided by cleaning the coils on the inside and the fins on the outside. Leveling of the AC is also a crucial thing. A roughly leveled AC means that the condenser is disjointed, and the refrigerant is not circulating correctly.

When the coolant is not flowing accordingly, the heat distribution in the HVAC system is disrupted, and this might lead to the breaking down of the HVAC system.

Check the Ductwork Regularly

After installation, ductwork is rarely checked. With time, ducts collect dirt, which hinders the flow of clean air, thus straining your machine. A rarely inspected canal can develop a leak that causes treated air to escape. By sealing your duct, you save money, since the treated air will not escape.

Regulate the Thermostat

The easiest way to minimize expenses on your energy bill is by regulating the thermostat. If you crank up the temperature and the house is not warm, that means the thermostat is faulty, and you should seek professional assistance.

Most thermostats are programed by the manufacturers to adjust the temperature according to the surroundings automatically. Be sure that you are familiar with these settings to minimize excess energy use.

Clean the Area Around the Outdoor Unit

There should be a two-foot clearance around the extractor. During installation, it is good to avoid placing an extractor near a tree or dirt. To avoid dirt from entering the cooler, ensure that the ventilator is hoisted slightly above the ground.

There are simple measures that you can take when you want to minimize costs on your AC. A regular AC tune-up by professionals such as Corbin Comfort Systems is also recommended.

This will save you money that you would have spent doing expensive emergency AC repairs. AC repairs. Cleaning the AC by wiping the fins and the duct eradicates clogging, which can hike the energy bill if not checked. 

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