All You Need to Know About Your Menstrual

All You Need to Know About Your Menstrual
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Periods aren’t often a hot topic of conversation, but it is something that is a natural and healthy part of a woman’s life.

On average, a woman gets her periods approximately 450 times in her life. And, we all know that it’s not easy at all!

While most of you know about taking pain-relieving drugs and managing your period cramps, some menstrual mysteries are still unsolved for many of you.

We have pulled down a list of a few lesser-known facts about your period; check them out to demystify the natural flow of blood:

Menstrual cups and period panties are better than tampons and pads

While most ladies have been using tampons and pads from the teenage, the fact is that menstrual cups and period panties are healthier and more comfortable than tampons and pads.

And, only a few of us know that the menstrual cups can be used for up to 12 hours and reusable version can be kept up to years. Not just they are healthier, they are eco-friendly too. So, maybe it’s time to choose menstrual cups over sanitary napkins and tampons.

OTCs are more effective when taken before the period starts

Oh please; don’t try to be a hero! Period cramps are something that every girl has to deal with and the mistake that everyone does is that they think they don’t need medicines.

The cramps are caused due to the production of prostaglandins and taking anti-inflammatory drugs can actually block the production of prostaglandins.

But, did you know that these drugs work more effectively if taken the minute the first drop of blood is seen or even a day before getting the period? Not only will it help decrease cramping, but it will also effective to decrease bleeding.

If you are on birth control, you are getting fake periods

While using Birth Control such as pills and IUDs, your body gets signals that it doesn’t need to produce progesterone. As a result, the endometrial lining gets thinner, thereby making periods, a little different. ‌In most cases, women using birth control get periods without ovulating.

It’s totally fine to get no period at all while on birth control

As mentioned, birth controls give your body false signals that it doesn’t need to produce progesterone, it’s absolutely normal even if you get no periods while using birth controls.

Toxic syndrome shock is rarer than you think

Although getting bacterial infections through tampons was a common thing till the 1980s, with the advancement in technology the rate of toxic syndrome shock has decreased significantly.

With modern super-absorbent tampons, you can even sleep the whole night without fearing the risk of toxic syndrome shock.

Missing a period is not always a sign of pregnancy

Although pregnancy is the most common cause of missing a period, skipping on periods doesn’t always mean pregnancy. Stress, dietary changes, changes workout and weight, and hormonal imbalances can also be the reason for skipping regular periods.

PMS is not your fault

PMS is not a joke and it’s not even your fault; it’ all due to hormonal changes. As hormonal imbalances occur before and during periods, it’s likely that you experience moodiness, migraines, anxiety, acne, exhaustion, diarrhea, or even clumsiness.

Taking chaste tree extracts, considering acupuncture therapy and doing yoga can help in relieving mood swings.

Spotting in between the periods is no big deal

Depending upon where you are in your monthly cycle, the level progesterone and estrogen changes, thereby sometimes resulting in spotting.

For some ladies bleeding in between periods is absolutely normal and there is nothing to worry about. However, if it happens all the time, it’s time to consult a doctor.

You can get your regular periods and still be pregnant

Getting your periods in pregnancy is kind of possible. Although these aren’t your real periods, nearly about 0.33% of women report menstrual-like bleeding during the first trimester.

It’s okay if you genitals are tender and sensitive during periods

Studies show that your pain receptors actually change during your menstrual period. This may affect your whole body. So, it’s better to not schedule wax right before your periods.

Although it totally depends on the person but feeling more sensitive down there is very normal.

Your periods may get worse before menopause

It really gets frustrating for ladies, whose periods were predictable and regular before the 30s, suddenly going haywire in 40s. But, as per doctors, before your periods stop altogether, they tend to get irregular, longer and heavier. If you are one such woman, you may consult a doctor to seek medical advice.

Periods aren’t often a hot topic of conversation, but it is something that is a natural and healthy part of a woman’s life.

You need to understand that they don’t have to be majorly inconvenient and shouldn’t get in the way of having fun, and enjoying life.

If you or any of your dear ones suffer from period problems it is advisable to consult a gynecologist near you. Gynecologist at Columbia Asia Whitefield would love to help you deal with the issues related to your reproductive health and menstrual cycle.

Even learning about healthy food and snacking tips throughout your menstrual can help!

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