The Personal Investments You Need to Reach Your Goals

Effort, patience, love, and actions are some more examples of your investments

*This was recorded was a LIVE training in my private FB Group, Ignite Your Life, as well as streaming LIVE on Instagram.

Now that I’ve been out of rock bottom for years and deep into personal growth, I’m sadly aware of all the times I took my journey for granted. I ignored the adventure on the yellow brick road and I’m concerned you may be doing the same.

Our entire lives, the yellow brick roads are lined up with investments along the way and we aren’t acknowledging and appreciating them. We stumble upon emotional, spiritual, and financial speed bumps and blocks. We sometimes move through those blocks with survival and sometimes we thrive through them. 

Whether it’s surviving or thriving, the emotional, spiritual and financial obstacles are the constant investments we make along the way. 

Effort, patience, love, and actions are some more examples of your investments. Start thinking as if your life is one big investment, like the investments you make within your home, cars, careers, 401k, SEP, IRA’s, and your savings account. 

Because the truth is, IT IS. What you put in, give back, and how you show up, IS your investment.  The Universe will pick up what you’re putting out and have your back! 

In this video, I shared how you can get started in becoming more aware and connected to your daily investments so that you can reach your goals quicker while enjoying the journey. 

Discover Your Why

In my experience, if you’re not connected to a rooted WHY, you’ll struggle a bit more. Why do you get up every single day? Why do you say yes to life? Why do you make the daily choices that you make?  

I know that our WHY’s evolve and even take on layers, I have many myself. Once you sit down and reflect on all of the reasons why you are saying yes to your life, to the certain things and to the people in your life, you’ll instantly have a deeper level of connection—an investment.

I always say, we have to scratch the surface as far as we can because too many of us are living like the coating on the surface, LOL. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I’m going with it!

Try this Exercise

Go back and make a list of ALL of your successes. The ones that make you and only you most proud.

During this LIVE training, Jacquie shared about her why and it stems from one of her most proud moments:

“I’m most proud of 2017 when I had my last of 17 surgeries. The first was in 2007.” “My why is because I’m just learning to live for myself, not forgetting others but putting me first for a change.”

We then shared who and how that impacts everything and everyone in her life. You always have influence and impact and my thought is the more aware and connected you are, the stronger and more aligned your investments will be. Make sense?

Do the Work

Where have you achieved that you’re most proud of? Then reflect on ALL of the efforts, emotions, energy, and money you had to invest along the way—and it goes way back. Celebrate your efforts, emotions, successes, obstacles and all of the elements that helped you reach that goal.  

Those are your investments.

Discover them, stay aligned in your why, thoughts, and actions so you can reach those dreams over and over.

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I’ve experienced imposter syndrome and so has pretty much every Mompreneur going after what she wants.

Susan Vernicek

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With 14 years of experience and overcoming her own emotional, financial, and physical rock bottom, she's now thriving as a Mompreneur.

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