Latest Science on How to Reduce Stress By Petting Pets

Latest Science on How to Reduce Stress By Petting Pets
Written by Duncan Kingori

The studies have thus proved the theory of reducing stress by petting your pooch or cat.

Your pet is the best friend you can ever imagine in your household and to reduce stress. That little cuddly thing will make you happy no matter how your days pass by or how much stress you have been in.

These pooches are the cuties of your house and liven up the atmosphere with their funny antiques and the puppy eye face. 

You know that you are extremely friendly with your pet and you are very well aware of the fact that petting your darling is bound to make you happy.

Now, even scientific research will be supporting your whim of petting your pet. 

A Scientific Report

Washington State University has been making some studies regarding human behavior in relation to the pet. The recent studies by the professors in this University prove that the cuddling or stroking of the pet is going to make you really happy and can reduce cortisol levels in your body.

This is enough when you do it even for a few minutes. An associate professor of the Washington State University who is in the department of Human Development has made some significant progress in this matter.

Her name is Patricia Pendry. She has made a significant comment which can be summarised into the fact that even ten minutes can make an important impact on the mind and body of the people.

The people who mainly interact with cats and dogs or even small pet rodents had a great decrease in cortisol which is a major hormone that deals with stress.

This information is provided in the notable and renowned journal published by the American Educational Research Association known as the AERA Open. This journal is a freely accessed one and is starting to make this news in recent times to proclaim these important facts.

When your stress can be reduced by petting your lovable pet, why should you indulge in any other stress-relieving activity? This study has inspired the program of “Pet the Stress Away” in the various college campuses and the various Educational Institutes.

The experiment was done by considering 249 pupils and separated them into four different groups. They were made to interact with the given group of animals in different methods and the stress interactions in their bodies were studied. 

A Practical Approach

The very first group was made to make the friendly interaction with the pets for the first ten minutes. They allowed the people to cuddle the cats and dogs for a given amount of time. The second group of people was made to observe these activities during the time of interaction.

The third group of people was made to observe the slides related to this interaction on any digital screen. The fourth group of people was the most unlucky one. They were told to wait for ten minutes without any stimuli. Salivary samples were taken from the participants in the experiments.

This was done after the interactions. The ones who showed the lowest level of cortisol were interacting directly with the animals. The other groups had reduced amounts too. But the lowest was in the case of the first group. 

Pendry has made some comments regarding this too. She said that the scientists already knew that students really loved interacting with the animals and it helped them to develop positive emotions within themselves.

This showed that the reduction in the stress was less subjective and it is quite exciting to observe the significant reduction in the cortisol helped the stress levels in students’ physical and mental health.

This is the statement made by the WSU is that they had made the very first study to demonstrate the significant reduction in cortisol levels of human beings in real-life situations, not inside the laboratory.

A Qualitative Conclusion

The studies have thus proved the theory of reducing stress by petting your pooch or cat. But what are you doing for them? The large pooch looking at you must have some expectations from you.

The best method of reducing the stress is by cuddling with the large puppies. The best way to impress dogs is by offering them treaties. Treat your dog with the best dog food for large breed puppies and we are sure that they will let you pet them. This will keep both of you really happy and stress-free.

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