How to Wear Dress to Any Job Interview

How to Wear Dress to Any Job Interview
Written by Carol Combs

Whether you are a male or female candidate, you must avoid too flashy or bright that causes a distraction for the hiring manager.

Your interview is scheduled, and you have prepared yourself on how to answer the most frequently asked questions apart from correcting your elevator pitch. You have extra copies of edited resumes.

Now, you want to be careful about your outfit. Your caring for the dress has made you confused about what to and what not to wear for the scheduled interview. What to wear or what not to wear is not as simple as it seems. 

Here is practical information on how to wear to a job interview, covering all possible topics:

Professional interview dress

Leaving the first impression on a probable employer is crucial for you. The interviewer’s first judgment about you is based on what you have put on and how you are looking. This is the reason why you should dress appropriately for a professional interview.    

Typically, you put a professional outfit. As a male, you can buy formal shirts, pants, blazers, and neckties and wear the same for your interview.

And as a female, you take professional dress as dress pants with a blouse or a statement dress. Whether you are a male or female candidate, you must avoid too flashy or bright that causes a distraction for the hiring manager.

Non-professional/casual interview dress

You have an interview call from the organization where the work environment is informal. For that, you can put on a business casual outfit. You can wear a sundress with sandals or a t-shirt with shorts.

Before you choose casual attire, be sure about the dress code. You can contact an HR professional or the person who called you for the interview to be clear about the dress code.

However, try to put a more professional outfit in comparison with the employees working there. You can put on a button-down and khakis if everyone is wearing t-shirts and shorts there.

Casual interview attire

You can easily put a pair of jeans and t-shirts or any casual outfit, making you presentable if you have an interview at a startup company. Wear anything that makes you feel relaxed and presentable. You can avoid putting on a complete formal attire.

Dress for college job interview

As college students, most of you are casual in the classroom. However, you need to wear a professional dress if you are going to be interviewed for an internship or a professional job. You can choose to wear a less formal outfit if you are going to attend an interview for a campus job.

Whatever you wear for a campus interview, make sure it is a preventable one. You can get an idea from your college placement cell if you are confused about what to or what not to wear for campus hiring.

Outfit for an internship interview

Internships are excellent for career growth for anyone. Appearing at the Internship Interview is like appearing for a job interview. It opens a door for the position you wish to have after the completion of your education.

Select the attire carefully and be presentable on the interview date. Get in touch with the respective person if you have any doubts about your outfit selection for your internship interview.  

Dressing tips for any interview

One company is different from another, and so, there are differences in work culture and dress code. You need to follow the dressing of the firm for which you are going to be interviewed. Here are some useful tips that can help you dress up for an interview:

  • Do a comprehensive study. Start your desktop/laptop/tab or Smartphone and browse the website of the organization your interview is scheduled. Focus on work culture there and get up ready accordingly.
  • Pay proper attention to your getup. Your outfit/dress whatever you have decided to wear to an interview should be ironed. Avoid putting on wrinkled, ripped, strained, or poor-fitted attire. Oil and comb your hair. Have all the requisite accessories on.
  • Keep your outfit simple. Usually, the interviewer is focused on you, but not on your dress. Avoid wearing anything that can distract the hiring manager. Keep yourself away from putting too bright or flashy attire.
  • Avoid spraying perfume. It is advisable as some perfumes are powerful and can make the interviewer be allergic. This distraction can cause a break to your selection in an organization. 
  • Do rehearsal with your outfit. Sometimes one feels uncomfortable when one puts a dress for the first time. Your interview is valuable for you, and you need to feel the comfort in a particular outfit at that time. Put that dress more than one time before the actual date. With this, you will make yourself adjustable or feel relaxed in certain attire.


For a job seeker, what to wear and how to wear is crucial. The outfit should be in accordance with the dress code or job type. Being careful about the company culture helps a lot in selecting the right dress for an interview.

Getting in touch with the respective person before the actual interview also helps in choosing the right attire.  

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