Ideas on How to Impress With a Barn Door

Ideas on How to Impress With a Barn Door
Written by Christina Moore

Learn a bit more on barn doors and how they are unique and on trend.

We all know what our homes should be—a little oasis where we can unwind and forget about our chaos. One of the new trends in home decor is bringing in a little of the simple life to add a slower pace to our home life.

One of the best ways to do this is to add a little farm decor. It doesn’t matter if it is windows, having rustic farm equipment, utensils lying around, or adding a barn door to your home.


When injecting a rustic flair into your lifestyle, it can be tempting to go for an authentic piece. However, barn doors are one of the biggest trends these days and a reproduction one will be safer and more cost-effective.

It will likely last longer with regular usage. Consider your options at They can show you their best barn door ideas. They will help you make the best choice you can make when it comes to adding a barn door.

One reason why this trend is exploding in popularity and positively becoming gargantuan in size is that everyone is talking about it. It can really make your home a unique little place where you can relax and concentrate on what really matters. When we say it is a trend exploding in its popularity, we are not kidding.

Ideas on How to Impress With a Barn Door

Take a look at this article, featuring Christina Moore. She talks about using a barn door in conjunction with some unique and trendy farmhouse shutters on your windows. This look is unique and right on-trend.

Simplicity and Durability

Indeed, adding a barn door into your decor may seem like it will give your home a quaint or sweet feel, but the truth is it says far more about simplicity and durability. They can be used as exterior doors depending on the style you choose, or as an interior door for a little touch of the weird and unique.

However, if you use a barn door as an exterior door, whether on the front or back of your house, the truth is that all your guests will feel very welcome in your home. If you are an outdoorsy style person, they are also a great way to inject some of the outdoor world, in.

To think of it a different way, say you love being out and about in nature. Traveling through a barn door into a cozy living environment is a good way to ease into it all.

Barn Door Options

This trend has become so adept at permeating every bit of our culture that the New York Times has published an article about how you can get just about any kind of barn door to perfectly accentuate nuances in your style.

Traditional doors on hinges are still quite popular, but a sliding door that has a barn door effect is making the rounds as well.

One of the best things about these sliding doors is that they can be used internally or externally, either opening onto a patio or garden or separating two different living spaces from one another.

Of course, either door style you choose will have to tie into the rest of your house. Barn style shutters are also quite popular, as are finding rustic farm implements and old fashioned signs made out of wood.

By adding a barn door and cranking your home’s simplicity a few notches, you can create a very comfortable, private world where you can really relax from your troubles and concentrate on the people in your life who really matter.


There are many color palettes to choose from. You can go from the standard red and white to the more exotic and provincial baby blue and yellow. 

Finding kitchen appliances and furniture in these shades to really match your larger home decor choices will put you a cut above the rest.

However, if you are not yet ready for a huge design overhaul, adding a barn door is a simple way to put your toe in the water, as it were. These tips can really make your home stand out and be as comfortable and inviting as you really want it to be.

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