How to Help Loved Ones Recover After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

How to Help Loved One's Recover After Wisdom Teeth Surgery
Written by Noelle Kelly

Many people are not able to go to the dentist regularly and this can result in a number of mouth problems. One of the things that people do not look forward to undergoing is wisdom teeth removal.

While most people have to do this, it is not something that they want to experience as it can be painful, cause swelling, and limit one’s ability to get around for a day or two while they heal. The recovery time can also take a long time. 

Before the tooth extraction, you need to make sure that your loved one will get the services of a reputable professional. If you choose NSOMS for wisdom teeth removal, you are assured of a trusted and experienced team who knows what they are doing. You will also have to be there for them as they recover.

Helping them recover properly will ensure that they will only be comfortable and heal well and that there will be no danger of infections during the healing stage. Here are some ways that you can assist them during the recovery period. You can get more information on dental care from the dentist in West Seattle after a wisdom tooth removal.

Make sure they take their pain medication

It is inevitable that people who have had surgery will experience pain, and wisdom teeth extraction is no exception. Once the anesthesia wears off, they feel the pain.

They will also feel swelling for up to 72 hours after the procedure. To help them adjust and feel comfortable, make sure that they take the prescribed pain medication. The medicine will also allow them to rest properly during the recovery process.

Have the pills ready even before the prescribed time so that they will not forget to take it. You can give them the medicine even before the pain starts, as it will be difficult to manage the pain if they only take the medicine after the pain is already felt.

Help them to stick to the prescribed diet

For the first few days after surgery, make sure that they are eating what is only allowed.

Don’t make them drink from straws though as this can affect the stitches inside the mouth. Cook them soft foods for the first day. Soups are a good choice, just make sure that they are getting enough protein.

Make sure they sleep properly and comfortably

One of the things that may be hard to do after surgery is to sleep comfortably. When you feel pain or discomfort, it is hard to take a rest. Do your best to make sure that your loved one feels comfortable so that they can rest.

The body needs rest and sleep so that it can recover from the trauma of the surgery. If they have gauze in their mouths, make sure to watch over them so that you are there to assist and prevent any case of choking.

Make sure their heads are also elevated, especially for the first 24 hours after the surgery. Of course, if they are experiencing symptoms that are not normal or their symptoms seem severe, be ready to contact the dentist so that you can ask for advice.

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