How to Heal Your Gut, Naturally

Emma Sneddon
Written by Emma Sneddon

Is your gut unhappy? Let’s know what are the natural ways to handle your upset gut microbiome and make them healthy and happy.

Our human body requires a healthy and balanced gut microbiome. Our gut microbiome is made up of trillions of microorganisms to ensure proper digestive functioning, immune systems, and others, play an important role in gut health.

However, healthy gut microbiome is closely tied with the possibilities of health issues like diabetes, obesity, depression, and colon cancer. That’s why it is essential to nourish and support the microbiome.

Let’s know about what are the ways to heal your gut microbiome, naturally.

Maintain a wholefood diet

The wholefood, particularly plant-based foods, is rich in low fermentable carbohydrates and play a vital role in supporting our health.

Prepare a wholefood diet by enlisting plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables (seasonal is preferable as they contain more nutrients), fish, salads or olives that have a significant number of healthy fats. So what are you waiting for?

Consider fermented food

Consuming fermented food- containing abundant probiotic bacteria (e.g. Lactobacilli, Bifid bacterium, etc.), can benefit you many ways. Mainly they are best helpful to restore a healthy gut microbiome as well as an intestinal barrier by improving our digestive system.

Some of the popular fermented foods you can consider adding in your diet list such as yogurt, kefir, fresh kimchi, unpasteurized sauerkraut, etc.

Avoid sugar as much as possible

Excess sugar intake is not suitable for your health as it increases the risk of weight gain, heart disease risk factors (high blood pressure inflammation, etc.), cellular aging, and so on.

No matter what the types of sugar are; whether it is refined sugar or processed sugar, both wreak havoc in our gut and make our microbiome unhappy. Therefore, the best solution is to avoid sugar as much as possible.

Accustomed with a healthy sleep

Experts recommend getting seven to eight hours of quality sleep to keep our gut well. Try your best to maintain a regular sleep schedule to handle upset gut microbiome. It is also advised to avoid blue light as much as possible.

Take a probiotic supplement

Are Probiotics have the ability to keep your digestive health and immune function safe and wondering how?

Probiotics are generally found in the gut. They could be found in some selected foods, drinks & supplements as well. You cannot even imagine what health benefits they can provide when they are taken with adequate quantities. Moreover, it helps with the gut motility when your body absorbs the nutrients from foods

Try to be stress-free

Out gut is also called the little brain—meaning that it is highly sensitive and full of nerves like our brain. Sound interesting right!

Manage your stress by following some stress-reduction practices such as yoga, meditation or develop an exercise routine that could help you to keep your gut microbes in shape.

So, if you are looking for safeguarding your gut microbiome follow our guidelines as mentioned earlier and try to implement those from now on.

Besides, you could consider consulting from a natural healthcare clinic, particularly the one with the specialty in naturopathic medicine as well as other vast arrays of services.

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