How To Protect Yourself From False Claims After An Accident

How To Protect Yourself From False Claims After An Accident
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Many things can happen after an accident, so check out these tips.

Accidents are common, but no one plans to be involved in one. Whenever an accident occurs, this is where insurance comes in handy to protect you and your loved ones.

However, some unscrupulous people can make false claims against you after an accident so that they do not pay for the damages caused. This can result in a double tragedy where your insurance company may refuse to compensate you for injuries as well as damages to your vehicle if they believe you were at fault.

You may also be asked to compensate the other driver if a false claim is successfully launched against you. Therefore, you should learn how to protect yourself against false claims after an accident. The following measures can help you prevent such scenarios:

Hiring An Accident Lawyer

Many things can happen after an accident, so you should immediately call an accident lawyer. Insurance companies are in business and they may want to shift the blame to other people so they evade paying the accident claims.

When such a thing happens to you, it is possible to appeal the decision. Many experienced accident lawyers will tell you that you can appeal to almost any kind of denial or termination letter, but some processes will take longer than others.

So it’s best not to delay just in case and hire a professional accident attorney who can protect you against false claims. In the same vein, you should also consult your insurance company about the way forward after an accident.

You should not agree to pay for any damages or sign any documents that can be used against you before consulting your insurance company or lawyer.

If you fail to make a report to your insurance company about the accident within a certain period, it can be used as the basis not to protect you in case of a false claim made against you. Your report to the insurance company should include the name of the injured, witnesses, and drivers. 

Immediately Report The Accident

You should check first if anyone is badly injured then offer first aid if you can but report the accident immediately to the police. You should also call an ambulance to transport the injured to the hospital.

Such a gesture can exonerate you when false claims are laid against you. You should also cooperate with the traffic cops dealing with the accident case. You should try to use facts for anything that you say to the police can be used against you.

Remain Stationary

When you have been involved in a road accident, you should not drive or tow away your vehicle from the accident scene before the arrival of the police. If the accident has caused damage to property or injuries, you should stop and provide your details such as name, address, license, and insurance identification card to a police officer. 

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