Amazing Decorating Ideas – Your Wedding Reception on a Budget

Amazing Decorating Ideas - Your Wedding Reception on a Budget
Written by Carol Combs

The most important day of your life isn’t defined by a budget but goes beyond it.

Planning your wedding—and even more a big reception this year? Are you worried about breaking the bank while at it? Fret not, because the perfect wedding is possible without an enormous bank balance.

With a little creative vision and the support of your loved ones, a dream wedding on a budget is possible! 

And we don’t mean you need to compromise – let’s not use that word, yet. Instead, focus on things that are absolutely necessary for the wedding and find substitutes for everything else. A little creativity and discount shopping skills can create the fairy tale wedding of your dreams, even with a limited budget.

Amazing Decorating Ideas - Your Wedding Reception on a Budget

Here are a few ways you can glam up your wedding reception without breaking a sweat. Because the only tears you should shed on the big day are tears of joy!

1. Wedding Welcome Sign

For old-school charm and decadence, add a welcome sign at the entrance to the venue. It’s a whimsical and inexpensive addition to the décor. Display a touching or quirky message for your guests. Welcome signs look beautiful and set the perfect tone for the wedding.

2. Personalized Place Mats

Go beyond traditional centerpieces for your tables. Add stunning placemats with fun messages for everyone to read as they enjoy glasses of wine and food! Perfect conversation-starters around the table and bright additions to your wedding!

3. Rustic charm with Tree Branches

Dreaming of a rustic-inspired theme wedding? Use beautiful tree branches and wrap them up with lace or ribbon to make a stunning, unconventional bouquet. All of the rustic elegance with no dent in the bank balance. 

Looking for décor pieces to fill up the reception? Display small bunches across the venue – on the walls, pinned to tables, or around an arch.

4. Is it a wedding Favor, is it Décor? It’s both!

Add color and whimsy to your place settings with wedding favors. Potted plants, candles, flowers in delicate pots, or bottles work beautifully as both décor and wedding favors.

Make the experience even more intimate with customized labels or stickers on them. If budgets allow, place a bunch of candies or chocolates in a beautiful wicker basket, and have little messages or labels on the wrappers. 

5. Photo Booth Prop Set

Keep your guests entertained and your venue looking beautiful with a bunch of photo props for your guests. They’re effortless ways to keep your wedding party happy (with minimal effort from you), while also looking glamorous for the Gram!

6. Paper lanterns

Turn your guests’ attention skyward with a bunch of colorful paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Lanterns are a stunning way to bring romantic, larger-than-life dimensions to your wedding décor.

7. Fantastic Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are the best way to add beauty to any space! Take out those boxes of Christmas or holiday decorations. If you find some strings of white or gold lights, you’re all set!

They can be hung from the ceiling, around tables, around the cake or potted plants. Instant lift to ambiance and mood at any wedding reception venue!

For a glittery night, drape the lights in the form of a curtain – perhaps around the stage to light up the dance floor and get the party started! 

8. Glass Bottle Sets

If floral centerpieces aren’t your thing, find signature clear bottles that can stand elegantly on all the tables. Stylish bottles possess a dash of class and look stunning on their own as table displays. 

Add sparkle to this ensemble with dry flowers, tree branches, or a string of lights around the bottles.

9. Wistful Ribbons

If your style is effortless and minimalistic, ditch the traditional seat covers and choose ribbons instead! Seat covers are usually expensive and involve a ton of effort! 

Use wide ribbons that go with the overall color scheme or even multi-colored ribbons, to liven things up. Get friends and family to help out with cutting and tying the ribbons on the wedding day.

10. Candles to set the mood

Candles are an everlasting symbol of romance. And luckily, they’re also super inexpensive! Try ambient lighting with the glow of a hundred candles in a dimly-lit wedding hall. They’re sure to transport you and your guests to a happy and magical place – as all weddings should.

11. An outdoor wedding with a twist

Garden weddings, wedding by the beach? Both a little passe, no? How about a wedding picnic instead? Imagine a cozy and intimate setting with beautiful blankets and cushions on the ground. Think of elegant picnic baskets with wine, cheeses, and fruits. A wedding picnic will save you tons on the décor with no compromises on elegance.

12. The Magic of Fabric

A little fabric can go a long way. And while planning your wedding, you’ll be surprised at just how much! 

If you’re going for fun vibes at the venue, choose a fabric in yellow or pastel shades. If you like your décor traditional, a timeless white fabric will keep things sophisticated and elegant. Hang thicker fabric from the ceiling or use sheer fabric to decorate arches, tables, or stages.

13. Origami Paper Decorations

Choose origami paper decorations to elevate the décor at any wedding venue! Choose styles and patterns in many colors to add pops of warmth and vibrancy to the reception. 

The most important day of your life isn’t defined by a budget but goes beyond it. It’s in the little things that make you as a couple special – and how all your favorite things come together for one (very) special day!

A little love and some out-of-the-box thinking – that’s what it takes to craft the dream wedding. And more than anything, have an insanely wonderful fun time doing it!

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