When Disaster Strikes: Essential Equipment and Supplies To Prepare

When Disaster Strikes: Essential Equipment and Supplies To Prepare
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Here’s a list of essential equipment and supplies to have when a disaster hits.

These days, a lot of areas are prone to disasters, especially weather-related ones such as hurricanes and storms. When they happen, it’s unfortunate that people living in poverty-stricken and isolated areas tend to suffer the most.

Additionally, such disasters often wreak havoc on transportation, power supply, telecommunication systems and much more. When this happens, the affected community is subjected to various kinds of risks, including security, safety, and the lack of access to crucial needs such as food, water, and healthcare.

This is why it’s highly important to be prepared for survival in case disaster strikes, especially since it doesn’t come knocking. This having been said, here is a list of essential equipment and supplies you’ll be better off having when disaster strikes:

1. Back-Up Power and Lighting

As mentioned earlier, most disasters also affect power lines, living homeowners without electricity and in darkness. The worst thing about this is that power blackouts increase safety risks.

It also makes survival harder for the affected individuals especially since appliances such as sump pumps, air conditioners, security systems, refrigerators, and heaters seize to work.

Therefore, having a backup power source can be a good way to prepare for unforeseen disasters that end up disrupting power supply. Having a backup power generator can be a smart way to avoid staying out of power and in darkness in times of disaster. But not all generators are the same according to the guys at Ableton Sales.

You can visit a site, to discover several available options of power backup generators, including the diesel option that tends to be more advantageous compared to petrol generators. Depending on your needs, you can choose one that can be used to power your entire home or for off-grid living and camping when disaster strikes.

2. Flashlights and Lanterns

Did we talk about electricity disruption earlier? Well, nothing can be more frustrating than having a power backup generator but it’s late at night and you can navigate to where the power-on switch is located.

However, having a flashlight and some lanterns can make this easier. They can also come in handy for those situations when even the backup power won’t help you; say before the disaster ends.

3. Emergency Water and Food

The human body can go without food for a few days but without drinking water, things can get tougher. This is not to mention the many other purposes of water in everyday life. But disasters such as floods and tornadoes often disrupt water supply and having some emergency bottled water can come in handy.

In addition to this, it’s always advisable to have some canned food and a can opener in case a disaster strikes and you run out of food supply before the issue is addressed or things calm down.

4. Radio

In the time of a disaster, you’ll always want to stay informed about weather updates and evacuation alerts. But this may not be possible if you’re solely relying on your cable telephone or cellphone as these lines may be disrupted too. Having a radio can be a great way to stay abreast of any developments post-disaster.

In addition to the above, it’s always advisable to have a first aid kit in your home, car, and place of work, just in case someone is injured during a disaster.

Such a kit would contain things like bandages, soap, gloves, scissors, tweezers, and pain relievers. Also, it’s advisable to keep your prescription medication at arms-length if any.

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