How to be Frugal and Have Fun

How to be Frugal and Have Fun
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Many of us are facing economic hardships as everything we thought we knew has gone wibbly-wobbly. Take a look at how you can be frugal and have fun.

Many of us are facing economic hardships as everything we thought we knew has gone wibbly-wobbly. Large numbers have lost their jobs, been furloughed, or have simply seen their hours cut.

More and more of us are taking a serious look at our finances and worrying about what will happen tomorrow. While this is a stressful period of time for so many, it is not a period where we must give up all fun things.

First, we should take a serious look at our finances. How are we doing? Do we have any emergency funds? Might we put any of the money we get from the federal government into a credit union savings account where we can get interested and grow our savings?

If we do not have a budget this is an important moment to make one up. If we can give an honest look at our expenses we may find regular costs we can do without right now while money is tight. We can also think about if we can bring inside income using the skills we have to meet the needs of others.


We should think about the free and low-cost resources we have always had but might have been out of sight out of mind. Most of us have access to radio in some form which can provide music and news.

We all have some type of art supply we can dig up, if only paper and a pencil or pen, which by itself or with a free art drawing class online can provide entertainment.

Also, most of us have some type of game hanging around our living spaces from party games, to board games, to the computer and console games. We can also enjoy a mindful cup of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa or enjoy burning a candle we have or using some lotion.


An amazing number of organizations are providing free resources right now. We can tour museums and art galleries. We can watch theater and hear concerts from a wide range of artists and have the opportunity to see inside their homes.

We can take free yoga, meditation, or fitness classes in order to keep ourselves moving, healthy, and overall more mentally well. In addition, there are many resources for children which are helpful for us of any age.

Can you really say you would not like someone to read you a story, sonnet or a poem? Organizations know this is a moment where so many of us are seeking free resources and they are providing amazing opportunities.


This is an important time for self-care and the good news is a lot of self-care is free. Try taking a few deep breaths or try another style of mindful breathing. Take the time to check in with yourself, your mental health, and the mental health of others.

Know too that you are likely under a lot of stress right now and therefore you are likely to be feeling a wide range of emotions and feelings. That is ok. You will have good days and days you struggle a lot. Find a funny TV show or movie to watch to cheer you up.

If you have a pet of any kind take some time to cuddle with them. Take a nice warm shower or bath to relax and feel like you are treating yourself. 

So yes with everything that is going on we are feeling stressed and nervous but we will get through this. Be honest about your finances, see what you already have around your living spaces, seek fun free resources, and care for your mental health. I believe in you and know you can do it.

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