How You Can Help Lead in Healthcare Now

How You Can Help Lead in Healthcare Now
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COVID_19 is challenging our society on ways we can help lead in healthcare. Here are a few ways you can help the front lines.

“We all have a role in healthcare leadership.”

This is a moment of time when we are all hyper-aware of the strengths and weaknesses of our current healthcare systems. We are seeing the power and dedication of our healthcare workers in the face of extraordinary challenges.

We are also learning what leadership is needed right now and what skills and systems we still need to develop long term as we move through this pandemic. On top of this, we are seeking ways we can be active in helping those on the front lines while staying home to save lives.

The need for leadership and coordination skills is being highlighted as hospitals and healthcare systems, in conjunction with local, state and federal governments are having to create new modes of operation.

Hospitals are coordinating among themselves how to focus on Covid-19 while also being able to serve those with non-Covid-19 medical emergencies. One way that we can be active in this is to explore online mha programs and develop our skills for the long term.

Healthcare systems are learning that ideas like telehealth and other out-of-box thinking are how we will move forward. These ideas can be a vital link in creating a stronger and more robust system in the aftermath of Covid-19.

Community groups are taking leadership in finding ways to support marginalized communities through coordination of resources for those who are unable to “stay at home” as well as those who have faced a job loss or a cut in hours.

There is also a need for analytical and technical skills.

Organizations are finding they need to think on their feet and troubleshoot any technical issues being found in health care.

Groups are being refitted to produce needed supplies. Some distillers are making hand sanitizers, some companies are fixing ventilators that were found to be defective, and individuals across the country are stepping up to donate or even make face masks for healthcare workers.

This is on top of the countless scientists who are working on better and quicker tests for Covid-19 as well as the early steps towards a vaccine. Many of us are being forced into learning new technical skills very quickly.

Finally, there is a need for soft skills such as communication and interpersonal skills.

We are finding this is a moment where more than ever we need to find ways to communicate with others. Those in leadership need to find ways to communicate what is going on a day by day and sometimes hour by hour basis.

Some leaders are finding ways to be informative, honest, and hopeful, while others are just complicating the conversation. Healthcare leaders, as well as local, state, and federal leaders who have these skills, are gaining a following. Those who do not have these skills are becoming a focus for people’s anger, fear, and anxiety.  

On a more personal level, we all are finding ways to stay in contact when we can not physically be together. We are working harder to connect and check in with each other and especially with those who tend to be the most isolated.

We are learning the real challenges of social isolation and learning ways to open up and be there for others.

Faith communities and artists are going online. Museums and theaters are going online. And we all are finding ways to stay in touches such as though zoom meetings and citywide sing-a-longs.

Covid-19 is forcing systems, organizations, and citizens to use a wide range of hard and soft skills. We are all being forced to actively listen to ourselves and to others and find creative ways to reach out a hand. The current situation is going to take time and energy to get through but we have or are developing the skills we need.

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