4 Simple Throwback Shoe Styles for Your Man

4 Simple Throwback Shoe Styles for Your Man
Written by Mia Morales

Shopping shoe styles for your man?

Men’s fashion has been pretty consistent for the last hundred years or so, especially when it comes to shoes. Of course, there are some throwback styles of shoes that stand out and are more popular than others.

In this article, we’re going to focus on some of the simple throwback show styles for your man that he can wear on a casual basis. 

High Top Sneakers

Perhaps one of the most popular styles of men’s throwback style shoes today is high top sneakers. Men’s high top sneakers have been fashionable since about the 1950s. There are two main types of these sneakers made today: high top sneakers made from leather or canvas. Both of these looks are pretty casual, but the leather sneakers tend to look classier and the canvas sneakers look more classic.

The mens high top sneakers in leather tend to be made up of one primary color (for the leather) and may or may not have a separate color for a rubber-based bottom. The bottoms of the shoes tend to be white but the leather can range in color from white, black, and several shades of brown. 

The canvas-based high top sneakers are less durable but come in a larger variety of colors than the leather sneakers. These shoes are also very fashionable for women, and many of the styles are unisex. These shoes have a much more casual look. However, they are not usually waterproof, like the leather option.

Canvas Loafers

Most everyone is acquainted with loafers. Usually, they are made out of a dark-colored leather. These shoes seem to be most popular with dads and retired college professors.

While this style is a bit stuffy, there are loafers made out of canvas that have a much more relaxed look and fit them. These shoes are not only more comfortable and casual than the leather variety, but they also don’t make you look like someone’s grandpa. 

Desert Boots

Desert boots are not as popular as some of the other throwback shoes listed in this article, but they are some of the most stylish vintage shoes out there. Desert boots, sometimes also called chukka boots, are a type of boot that goes up to about the ankle. These boots are made more for fashion than for practicality, even if that was not their original intention. 

Desert boots are usually made from leather, suede, or calfskin.

Because they are usually made of these materials, the shoes are usually some shade of brown.

These vintage shoes were first popular between the 1940-1960s. For whatever reason, they lost their popularity for a few decades, but are now back in style, especially in men’s fashion.

Combat Boots

Combat boots have an odd history but that might be one of the reasons why they have remained so popular over the decades. As the name of the shoe implies, these shoes were originally used by soldiers in combat.

Later on, the shoe became a famous piece of fashion for the punks around the 1960s. Continuing in the same pattern, the shoes later became popular for emo kids and goths. Even though the group who wore these shoes changed often, the shoes never really seemed to go out of style.

These boots usually rise a few inches above the ankle and can be zipped or tied with laces. They are usually made of black leather (or synthetic leather), but may also come in other colors.

These shoes are unisex and are very popular with both men and women.

Sometimes, these shoes may have a short heel while others are flat. It all depends on the style. Of course, all varieties of this shoe are stylish. 

The next time you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe with a new pair of shoes, consider trying one of these throwback styles.

These vintage style shoes are the perfect mix of casual and class and are sure to get you compliments wherever you plan to wear them.

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