You’re Never Too Young, Too Old to Celebrate World Art Day

You're Never Too Young, Too Old to Celebrate World Art Day
Written by Neve Spicer

These are powerful tools our kids need to thrive, and they merely scratch the surface of what arts education can do for our kids.

A connection to the fine arts can empower us to get in touch with our inherent creativity, encouraging us to create and appreciate tangible representations of self in a new and fulfilling way.

Though we are currently living through a complex period within which many of us are grasping for normalcy and opportunities to feel connected to the human spirit, there’s no better time to celebrate World Art Day — art has historically represented the struggles and triumphs of humanity, and so will it continue to do.

World Art Day

The creative arts are also a natural fit for our children, who eagerly seek to express themselves through their artwork. Indeed, it’s more than a way to pass the time for our youngsters, who reap long-term social and cognitive benefits from engaging with arts education.

This is true both in and out of the classroom, as the benefits and enjoyment gained from studying and making art, music, and theatre very specifically venture outside the bounds of rote learning and encourage the proud and unabashed expression of their person.

Part of our journey as mothers is empowering our children for success as well as ourselves, and making opportunities for creative expression accessible to our children can play a tremendous role in this effort.

One of the many benefits of arts education is a more developed sense of self, which can help to guide children toward their true passions and interests in order to encourage a happier and more fulfilling life.

Another aim of parenthood is to encourage our children to play a positive role in empowering others through the use of proper emotional regulation, conflict resolution, collaborative skills, and acceptance of others’ differences. These are also skills which are fostered through shared experiences in arts education.

These are powerful tools our kids need to thrive, and they merely scratch the surface of what arts education can do for our kids. Here is a neat visualization summarizing the many positives our kids reap when they interact with the arts — have a look!

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