Career Paths for Those Who Want to Help Others

Career Paths for Those Who Want to Help Others
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Many people seek careers that enable them to serve the community and help others. Here are a few ideas below.

There are a variety of rewarding careers that help the community. Educators help students acquire knowledge and obtain the essential skills needed for becoming productive members of society.

Those in the medical field assist individuals in need of physical and mental health care. First responders assist the community during life and death situations. 

Let’s delve deeper to discover how those with jobs in these fields help to serve the community:

Teaching Careers

Elementary School Teacher

Elementary school teachers work with students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The education requirement for an elementary school teacher is a bachelor’s degree and a student internship. Elementary school teachers earn up to $58,000 dollars per year and receive paid vacation benefits in the summer.

Secondary School Teacher

Secondary school teachers instruct students in junior high and high school. A secondary education degree is the best way to prepare for a teaching career. Individuals can also earn a degree in a major subject area such as math or science with a minor in secondary education. Secondary school teachers earn around $60,000 dollars per year and enjoy paid time off during the summer.

Post-Secondary Teacher

A post-secondary school teacher works at a college or university. A master’s degree is required to teach at a community college. The education required to teach at a university is a Ph.D. College professors earn around $80,000 dollars per year.

Social Services Careers

Marriage Counselors

Marriage counselors help couples manage their emotions and work through traumatic situations and difficult circumstances. The education requirements of a marriage counselor include a bachelor’s degree in social work or sociology. There are also online MFT programs available for those who wish to further their education and expand their career options in this field.

Social Worker

Social workers assist individuals in need of essential services such as food and healthcare. These professionals help people apply for Medicare, Medicaid and the Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Social workers also perform welfare checks for children and adults that might be in an abusive or neglectful environment.

Probation Officer

Probation officers help ex-convicts adjust to life after parole. Former convicts meet with a probation officer once a week. The probation officer ensures the former convict is following the conditions of the probation. Probation officers also help former convicts access counseling and employment services.

Healthcare Careers


Nurses provide a variety of medical services in physician offices and hospitals. These medical professionals conduct patient interviews, collect vital signs and provide instructions for medications. Nurses administer medication, draw blood and assist physicians during surgeries. The minimum education requirement to become a nurse is a bachelor’s degree. The average salary of a registered nurse is $70,000 dollars.

Respiratory Technician

Respiratory technicians assist patients with breathing problems caused by asthma, Emphysema and other chronic respiratory diseases. These technicians perform diagnostic tests on the lungs and use medical equipment such as ventilators to treat medical emergencies. Respiratory technicians interview patients, monitor their progress, and provide medication instructions when necessary.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers operate imaging equipment to create X-rays of the human body. These technicians analyze diagnostic images for accuracy and quality. Sonographers detect normal and abnormal images before reporting the findings to the doctor.

First Responder Careers


Firefighters respond to emergency calls when a property is on fire. These professionals distinguish and determine the cause of a fire. Firefighters are trained emergency technicians to help people in immediate danger. Firefighters work long hours and experience life-threatening situations on a normal basis.


A paramedic performs emergency medical services before a person is taken to the hospital. Emergency technicians drive an ambulance to the location of the injured or critically ill person in need of medical attention. Paramedics respond to medical emergencies such as gunshot wounds, heart attacks, and brain injuries.

Police Officer

Police officers are public servants that keep the community safe. Cops investigate crimes, arrest criminals and protect people from danger. Police officers often find themselves in harm’s way as part of the job. It’s a dangerous and oftentimes stressful line of work.

What’s more, most police officers are paid a modest salary in line with other public servants. However, police work is an essential part of modern society and those who fill that role with honor and integrity deserve the utmost respect.

Many people seek careers that enable them to serve the community and help others. If this is your situation, the aforementioned list of job options should help to get you on the path to achieving that goal.

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