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Here are the elements, forces, and planets that should inform your horoscope reading

Do you sometimes read your horoscope and think, “Jeez, that can’t be me”? Maybe the horoscope suggests you’re about to meet your soulmate, whereas you’re in a fulfilling and happy relationship. Or the horoscopes implies you’re about to reach the zenith of your career, but you’re enjoying a happy retirement.

If you’ve ever had this experience, don’t fret – it doesn’t mean the prediction is completely off the mark. However, horoscope predictions are typically based only on the sun sign with 0° as the ascendant.

Predictions that don’t incorporate other variables like ascendant sign (rising sign) and the position of the planets can’t be completely accurate.

There are many amazing platforms where you can see your free horoscope. But unless you cultivate a nuanced way of interpreting what the stars are telling you, you’ll miss out on a lot of insights. Here are the elements, forces, and planets that should inform your horoscope reading:

Sun Sign

This may sound foreign, but it might be the only aspect of astrology you fully understand. Sun sign refers to your conventional star sign, whether it’s Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, or any of the signs.

The sun sign is a fundamental part of your chart and it’s the most referenced aspect of astrology in the western world. But, there are other astrological influences you should consider when reading your horoscope.

Rising Sign

To figure out your rising sign, you should know the precise time of your birth. Your ascendant or rising sign is the sign that was ascending on the horizon at the time of your birth. There are 12 ascendant signs, and they fit into two-hour time frames within the 24 hours in a day.

So to get a holistic understanding of your horoscope, you need to consider your rising sign. Your sun sign horoscope gives you a macro view of your life. 

Moon Sign

The moon sign is an essential aspect of birth chart interpretation. Your moon sign reflects your emotional life. Your feelings form the basis of your spirit and thus influence how you respond to circumstances in your life. You’re the lead actor in your life and so you view everything based on your perspective. Your moon sign will give a clear perspective of yourself and how you will respond to various circumstances.


Planets that traverse the various houses in your chart shape your horoscope reading. There are two types of planets: personal and outer planets.

Personal Planets

Personal planets include mercury, mars, venus, and the moon. Your purpose and identity are represented by the sun. The moon reflects how you react to various events in your life. Mercury reveals how you perceive and relate to objects and individuals. Venus shows what you enjoy and the things you’re comfortable with. Mars is all about your actions and your will.

Outer Planets

Outer planets include Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter. They relate to various facets of your personality. Jupiter represents your personal growth and how you navigate society. Saturn reflects the personal stances that you cultivate over time as well as your responsibilities. Uranus illustrates your capacity to learn and evolve. Neptune represents your imagination and your ideals. And Pluto points to your capacity for inner growth – it relates to the personal and deep type of change.

To read your horoscopes accurately, you need to consider the positioning of the planets. Under which signs do they appear, and in which house? This will reveal insights into your life path and personality. 

Planets represent your actions, what drives you, and what you enjoy.

Houses represent the tactics you use to accomplish given goals. Signs demonstrate the spheres of your life in which you should expect change and growth. 

Depending on the place, date, and time of birth, we all have a distinctive astrological map. Your sun sign, rising sign, planets, and houses all influence your life in some way. So you should evaluate the map entirely to find out the positions affecting you individually.

Bottom Line

Astrology is neither prescriptive nor predictive. It’s not meant to tell you what you must do, or what will certainly happen. But, it does point us to the most optimal courses of action by revealing to us the astrological influences impacting our lives.

Ultimately, the power is in your hands. While you should make yourself aware of what’s happening in the cosmos, what matters is how and where you channel your energy based on the astrological revelations. With any horoscope or birth chart reading, there is a choice.

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