Making Use of Staying at Home: It’s Time for a Career Change

Making Use of Staying at Home: It's Time for a Career Change
Written by Emma Miller

Changing your career doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to pursue something completely outside the scope of your academic expertise or your skills.

The entire world is experiencing some form of a lockdown, and companies, as well as individuals, have had to transition from office to home-based work. In the surge of such drastic changes to our living conditions, we also find ourselves at a crossroads: should I find a position more flexible than my current job? Would I be qualified for a new position?

Am I ready to make a change? Although there is no such thing as a perfect moment or an ideal situation, using this time to rethink your career path and to keep your options open is a wise decision.

In case you’re getting ready to make the switch, or if you’ve unfortunately lost your job during the outbreak, let’s make the most of the circumstances. Here’s a list of simple tips to help you cope with the transition, improve your career path, and to help you prepare yourself the best you can to be qualified for a new job in the future.

Take a look at your experience and skills

Changing your career doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to pursue something completely outside the scope of your academic expertise or your skills. That said, you should look at what you know and what you’re good at, so that you can come up with creative ways to use those skills from home, and perhaps even improve them.

If you’ve worked in IT so far, you can consider a teaching position in this field, prepping students for college, or even a full-time teaching position. Then again, if you’d like to move outside of your current comfort zone, the time is right for some online education for yourself.

Expand your knowledge with relevant certification

Many people have a very specific line of education predating their current career: they’ve specialized in a single field, and they’ve been stuck in the same position for ages. As useful as that might be for certain situations, it’s actually much better to diversify your skills and update your resume with a relevant certificate in a field that’s in high demand, such as online security.

To gain an advantage in the IT industry, taking a cyber security course online is a brilliant way to use your time at home during the outbreak while you prepare yourself for a career change. Consider this an investment into your own future, and a way to find your feet in a fast-evolving industry that is constantly on the lookout for talented, educated individuals.

Look at the market and job opportunities

Each era has its own pioneers and success stories, but as of early this year, the world has found itself in a uniquely disadvantageous position. The pandemic has affected many a niche negatively, leading to many companies cutting down on their resources, so when you’re looking for a career change, you need to know to recognize the industries that are currently on the rise.

Take, for instance, the world of selling online: in the past several months, the demand for e-commerce services has been on the rise, and it’s expected to see a similar upward trajectory in the near future, since we’re all looking to adapt in case of a similar scenario. This is an opportunity for online retailers and those who’d like to become one to pursue this particular goal.

Reach out to your contacts

In addition to social media, to which we’ll get shortly, networking in the time of the outbreak doesn’t mean sticking to social networks only. In fact, it’s time to break out your own contact list and see who of your colleagues, friends, and family can put you in touch with someone who needs your skills. Moreover, you can join and even organize online conversations and workshops where you can invite like-minded professionals.

You never know when someone is open to collaboration, so perhaps this might be a great opportunity for starting your own business as an entrepreneur. This means building your own financial independence and flexibility, but it could be a great chance for you to put those skills and knowledge to use.

Use social media to connect with industry leaders

Brands today use social networks to not only build their customer base and earn more followers, or collaborate with influencers, but they also utilize them for hiring purposes.

More specifically, companies gladly scout and advertise their open positions on social networks on a regular basis and showcase their company culture to prospective employees. This is a great opportunity to spend some time researching your options, looking into their brand culture, and applying for open positions.

Above all, LinkedIn remains the key professional networking space where you can still interact with managers and HR professionals to connect regarding the right opportunity.

You can spruce up your profile, add a few recommendations written by your previous employers and colleagues, and slowly start reaching out to potential employers that could benefit from your expertise.

While the world will need some time to recuperate, certain industries are still on the rise and you can find an opportune position with a new company remotely, while you’re still at home.

These tips should help you rise to the occasion and make the most of the time you spend at home to build a successful career in a new field and make sure that you’ll be able to recuperate your financial status slowly with the help of your new job.

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