5 Tips for Women Striking Out On Their Own After Divorce

5 Tips for Women Striking Out On Their Own After Divorce
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Restarting your life after divorce is an entirely manageable effort.

No matter how unhappy you were in your marriage, starting over can be downright terrifying. Like many women, you may find yourself regularly battling fear, self-doubt, and depression. The good news is that restarting your life after divorce is an entirely manageable effort.

Moreover, it’s one that’s guaranteed to give you a fresh, clean slate and an entirely new lease on life. With the five tips that follow, you can confidently strike out on your own.

1. Get Your Transportation Squared Away

Mobility is everything when restarting your life after divorce. After all, you can’t drive confidently off into the sunset if your ex has all the cars. If a functional vehicle wasn’t a part of your divorce settlement, start looking at used autos, certified pre-owned vehicles, or new cars that can be financed.

Having your own functional and safe transportation will keep you from relying heavily on others. It will also greatly expand the accessible area for home or apartment shopping. With a reliable vehicle, you can put more distance between yourself and your past life.

2. Consider Getting A PO Box

Until you’ve officially secured your new home, you’ll need a reliable address for receiving mail. With a PO Box, you won’t have to worry about having confidential documents fall into the wrong hands.

Once you’ve gotten your PO Box set up, be sure to complete a “Change of Address” form with the local post office. This will ensure that all of your forthcoming mail is forwarded directly to you, rather than dropped off at your old home.

3. Review Your Options for Living Arrangements

Searching for a new home post-divorce can be both daunting and exciting. You need to find a unit that’s affordable, safe, and in a location where you feel comfortable. If you’re leaving the vast majority of your worldly possessions behind you, deciding whether or not furnished homes are the best choice will be a key part of this process.

Furnished properties will eliminate the need to spend large sums of money on new furniture right away while giving you ample time to save up for attractive, quality pieces that suit your new lifestyle.

If your moving budget is modest, this is a great way to limit your total upfront moving costs. With even less money to spend, you can consider living with roommates, investing in a tiny house or mobile home, securing short-term, low-income housing, or other alternatives to traditional property rentals.

4. Get Ready For The Unexpected

Although you’ll probably have your hands full with establishing a new home base, you still need to bolster yourself against the unexpected. This includes creating a stash of sufficient emergency supplies for covering your needs for at least one month, as well as establishing a rainy day fund in case you’re ever laid off or temporarily unable to work.

Load up on durable, pantry items, potable water, and first aid supplies. If things should ever go awry, your savings and your diligence will sustain you.

5. Know Your Local Resources And Take Advantage Of Them

Becoming a single-income household is guaranteed to present some financial challenges, especially when you’re just starting out. This is especially true for women who are restarting their lives with minor children in tow. Post-divorce, be sure to learn more about the different social service agencies and programs in your area that offer support.

This is a great way to get financial move-in assistance and ensure that you always have adequate money for expenses like utilities and food. While accepting assistance can feel a bit disheartening, support services exist to help people get back on their feet. 

Check out local food banks, take advantage of free Wi-Fi at local libraries, sign-up for utility assistance if you’re qualified, and take note of nearby churches and organizations that offer emergency rent assistance.

Once you reach a more emotionally and financially stable place, you always have the option of paying it forward by donating to the same organizations and programs that offered support to you.

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